The Big Problem

Networking complexity is holding your business back
The Root Cause: IP addresses are used as machine identity

The way we use IP is flawed

Currently, the IP address is used to determine both the identity and location of a device on the network. This dual functionality of the IP address lacks the basic mechanisms for security and mobility, which causes most networking and security challenges today. Even the creators of TCP/IP have acknowledged if they could go back and do it over again, they would include provable host identities from the start.

  Washington Post: Net of Insecurity - A flaw in the TCP/IP design




Vint Cerf: Co-creator of TCP/IP
The flawed foundation of IP

Although TCP/IP has become the backbone of global commerce and communications, it is fundamentally flawed from a security perspective and most efforts to secure IP networks today are simply Band-Aids. Not everybody knows that TCP/IP was invented in the late ‘50s by DARPA, a military research group. Its original goal was intended to network nuclear missile silos, where weapons-grade physical security was assumed. What they developed was something that was very reliable, meaning that if one of those sites was hit, the traffic could easily be routed around it. TCP/P, however, is completely insecure but it’s become the standard for global networking and communications.


Root Cause of Complexity

Network and security policies use IP addresses as identity, which is the root cause of complexity, network security vulnerabilities, poor segmentation, and lack of mobility.