The Simple Solution

Identity-Defined Networking (IDN)

Identity-Defined Networking allows you to Bring Your Own Network (BYON)

IDN is instant overlay networking that’s highly available, remarkably simple and radically secure.
Now anyone can securely connect any device, anywhere, anytime. It’s so simple, your CEO can do it.

IT complexity and point product investments are a thing of the past

With IDN, you no longer have to wait weeks to securely provision networks and resources. Our powerful, yet simple to use orchestration engine makes it possible to build your own secure overlays—instantly. Your overlays can run over any (yes any) existing infrastructure, with little to no modification to the underlay network or applications. Our customers are able to reduce the need for internal firewalls, VPNs, ACLs, etc. Oh, by the way, IDN is secure by default with built-in encryption and no certificates to manage.

Don’t let the complexities of IT stand in the way of meeting your deadlines and operational goals. It’s easy to build highly resilient, scalable, on-demand networks. Imagine instant Industrial IoT connectivity, instant micro-segmentation, instant PCI compliance and security, and instant peer-to-peer enterprise networking. The possibilities are limitless.

Why wait? BYON is the answer to kill IT complexity and get control.

  • Provision, revoke, segment, and remediate networked resources 97% faster.
  • Cloak and micro-segment machines while encrypting all communications to reduce the network attack surface as much as 90%.
  • Reduce CapEx / OpEx as much as 50% with the simplicity of our IDN orchestration and enforcement that frees up an administrator’s time.

Our Vision: Networking 3.0

Networking 1.0 was about connecting PCs and users on a small scale. The current era, Networking 2.0, has been focused on large scale networking, connecting pretty much everything. However, secure networking is very complex and costly, and mistakes can be devastating.

Networking 3.0 moves beyond blindly networking everything, to a networking model based only on provable host identities. IDN delivers an improved networking architecture where only trusted and cryptographically IDENTIFIED hosts or services can communicate, across any environment. Now you can rapidly deploy and easily orchestrate secure networking policies for every connected device, everywhere.

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How It Works

Build Instant Overlay Networks with IDN

The only identity-based architecture that unifies networking and security

Our IDN overlays are based on verifiable machine identities, introduced by the Host Identity Protocol (HIP), an IETF ratified standard. HIP enables an identity-first networking model by separating the identifier and locator roles of IP addresses, introducing a more secure and flexible namespace, the Host Identity Namespace (HIN).

HIP enables cloaking, making machines and networks invisible from everything except other explicitly trusted machines. Its also immune from MitM and DDoS attacks. To learn more, read the primer on HIP.

The Host Identity Namespace, which is compatible with legacy IP and DNS Namespaces, is what eliminates the complexities, lack of mobility, and vulnerabilities caused by products that base policy on the IP and DNS Namespaces. The Host Identity Namespace gives you the ability to set explicit trust policies and achieve IP mobility without disruption, and a more secure and mobile namespace. It also enables you to transcend from address-defined networking to identity-defined networking, where trust is based on provable, cryptographic identity.





Host Identity Protocol Creators
A better IP architecture

IDN Architecture

A better approach for unified secure networking and mobility

Trusted Identity-Defined Network Fabric
Policies are distributed by the Conductor, an advanced orchestration engine, and enforced by HIP (Host Identity Protocol) Service endpoints. Instantly provision, cloak, connect, segment, encrypt, migrate, revoke, or failover any IP-enabled device, group, or network within the Tempered Networks encrypted fabric

HIP establishes a third namespace, the Host Identity Namespace (fully compatible with IP and DNS Namespaces), freeing the IP addresses to be virtually anything - static, dynamic, private, public.

  IDN Technical Whitepaper