Do your part and step up your cyber security hygiene

To secure your network, you have to understand your network.

Hackers know this better than anyone else and will take the time dive deep into the layers of their target networks. In order to combat hackers who are using best practices for exploitation, companies must then use best practices for defense. October is DHS Cyber Security Awareness month and I wanted to take this opportunity to share best practices about increasing your cyber security hygiene. We all know that human error is the biggest and most preventable security flaw.

You can read my article in Forbes about what I consider standard security protocol for every employee who should serve as an extra layer of security.  At Tempered Networks, we believe that any organization, big or small, should be able to instantly connect, cloak, encrypt, move, failover and revoke any networked resource anytime, anywhere and be confident that their connected systems are safe – reducing business risk by as much as 90%. And, it shouldn’t cost a fortune, or take weeks or months. Pipe dream? No. It’s called the Identity-Defined Network and it’s never been possible, until now. Will you take the time to learn and help prevent exploitation?

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