Identity-Defined Networking (IDN)

Policy Orchestration + Identity-Based Enforcement

We offer the industry’s most secure and elastic networking fabric providing ubiquitous and trusted connectivity anywhere your business needs to be. With our broad IDN product portfolio, ranging from physical hardware, virtual and cloud appliances, to client, server, and even embedded software, the IDN’s encrypted fabric can stretch end-to-end across your entire organization, securely connecting any IP resource, even previously non-routable end-points.

The IDN’s cloaked and unbreakable segments eliminate up to 90% of attack vectors, reduce provisioning and mitigation time by 97%, and lower costs by as much as 25%. Network and security teams can now become more agile while significantly reducing business risk.

Our brand promise is SIMPLICITY. You won’t find another comparable solution that is as easy to deploy and manage, nor provide the same level of hardened security and flexibility as IDN.

IDN Components Overview


How the IDN fabric works

Cost Comparison

IDN Fabric Deployment Diagram

IDN Fabric Image

The Conductor — Simple IDN Orchestration

The Conductor enables simple orchestration of IDN policies to every IDN endpoint, called HIP Services, which enforce policies within our secure fabric.

Instantly connecting or revoking trusted communications between any endpoint based on provable machine identity is easy.

Available for on-premises, virtual, or cloud deployments

HIP Services: Powerful IDN Enforcement

Tempered Networks’ HIP Services are software products that enforce the Conductor’s provisioning, de-provisioning, and revocation of trusted communication for any IP-enabled hosts or devices within the IDN fabric. HIP Services are available as either physical, virtual, or cloud appliances, as software installed directly on a client or server, or as an embedded option for custom applications or hardware devices.