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Instantly connect, disconnect, protect, or failover any device or resource within the Identity-Defined Network fabric

IDN Orchestration Services

The Conductor

Tempered Networks’ Conductor is the policy-based orchestration engine and the intelligence behind our Identity-Defined Network (IDN) solution. The Conductor drives the simple and extremely intuitive configuration of IDN policies, and issues unique Cryptographic IDs (CIDs) to the IDN HIP Services endpoints used to explicitly allow or deny connectivity and communication through device-based whitelisting. The Conductor ensures all HIP Services are up to date and synchronized, collects metrics and monitors active state information from all HIP Service endpoints within the IDN fabric. It also provides the secure API that enables integration and automation with other security and networking services like directory services, SIEMs, and other monitoring tools for instant data center or discreet resource failover. The Conductor is available as a hardware appliance and in the AWS cloud.

The Conductor is based on six core policy-based architectural components where it functions as the:

  • Device Identity Authority
  • Identity-Defined Routing (IDR)
  • Policy, Device and Group IDN Database
  • Device Trust Membership and Segmentation Policy Engine
  • Network Overlay and Trust Segmentation Policy Engine
  • SimpleConnect RESTful API

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IDN Enforcement and Mobility Services

HIP Services

Tempered Networks’ HIP Services are software products delivered in different form factors to support our design principle of secure networking for any device, anywhere. They provide cloaking, secure connectivity, identity-based routing, and IP mobility, as well as micro-, macro-, and cross-boundary- segmentation enforcement. HIP Services enforce the Conductor’s provisioning, de-provisioning, and revocation of trust for any managed IP resource.

We have a flexible deployment model that is elastic and can span nearly any type of resource, location, or environment. Tempered Networks’ HIP Service endpoints support physical or virtual appliances, cloud environments, software installed directly on a client or server, or can be embedded in a custom application or hardware.

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