Stop the cyber kill chain with cloaking and unbreakable segmentation

The problems holding your business back

There’s a clear mandate for government agencies to accomplish more with fewer resources, even as pressure to improve cyber security increases. On top of that, congressional appropriators make it clear that they want to understand how cyber-security budgets will be spent differently from the ways that led to past breaches, like the massive theft of more than 20 million federal employee records from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

The clear conclusion is that traditional approaches to security are insufficient, and government organizations are looking for fundamentally stronger protection against new threats, which are increasing in volume and sophistication.

Government agencies are faced with some of the most vexing IT issues, including:

  • Dealing with a broad array of machines and systems to that require connectivity, ranging from weapons systems and aircrafts to medical devices and utilities.
  • Securely connecting systems that might be located in far-flung regions of the world, sometimes where no network connectivity exists.
  • Challenges with point-to-point security for endpoints on the move, like drones, trucks, and robots.
  • A shrinking pool of skilled IT labor.

The way forward

Tempered Networks’ Identity Defined Networking (IDN) solutions are tailor made for federal government agencies, with our technology’s underpinnings used in highly sensitive DoD deployments.

We enable you to cloak your endpoints and assets. Cloaking is a highly effective and secure means of preventing attacks, because it renders the attacker unable to see or identify Tempered protected assets. With cloaking, the attack cannot take place, which is step-1 of the cyber kill chain, since the hacker cannot discover the Tempered Protected infrastructure

Kill chain model

We provide a superior and proven alternative for cyber-security controls for federal information systems. Supporting defense-in-depth best practices, our cyber-security solutions incorporate a proven method where security is “baked in” from the start. Furthermore, IDN does not use the IP addresses or Media Access Control (MAC) addresses as the primary identifiers for server and workstation authenticated scan results.

Let us demonstrate how we can provide you with the most flexible and extensible network architecture, while giving you unbreakable security for protection against new threats.

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