Unifying Security and Networking Opens a New World of Trusted Communications

Instant orchestration enables you to securely connect, cloak, and disconnect any IP resource, anytime, anywhere.

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It starts with the most common denominator in networking — the device

With our ‘orchestration and manageability first’ mindset, all networked communication is based on explicit, verifiable and unique cryptographic identity. Tempered Networks brings the simplicity, predictability and reliability needed to effectively secure all of your networked elements across your hybrid datacenter, IoT devices and machine-to-machine communications. Our solution is carefully designed for ease of use, so that staff with no advanced IT skills can implement and manage it.

What ‘things’ are you trying to securely connect?


People and Devices

Integrate user identity with unique device identity.

Connect, secure and cloak laptops, tablets and smartphones, based on the device’s unique cryptographic identity. Make it easy to provide vendors, contractors, partners and traveling staff with secure, micro-segmented access to specific machines, devices or segments of your network.

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Give any application device-based trust.

Any type of application, including mobile, web, and fat client applications, can now have device-based trust that’s built in from the start.

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Securely connect machines, based on unique identities.

Automatically connect, cloak, segment, and failover up to thousands of trusted machines, including ATMs, robots, vending machines, kiosks, sensors, IP cameras and IoT endpoints.

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Assign a unique identity to a network.

Only explicitly trusted devices and machines can access the network. You can instantly cloak, secure, and isolate networks from any untrusted system or device.

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How the new identity networking paradigm creates value


Reduce Attack Surface

  • Verify and establish complete trust and encrypted communication between every IDN endpoint in the fabric
  • Hackers can no longer use a compromised machine to surf and discover unprotected resources
  • Completely contain breaches and lateral attacks within an Identity-Defined Overlay

Make 100% of Connected IP Resources Invisible

  • Hide the IP footprint of your devices and networks from all but trusted (whitelisted) devices
  • No other solution on the market can cloak as effectively
  • No other vendor can be deployed as easily across physical, virtual, and cloud networks

Increase Productivity

  • Focus on new network designs and policies that improve quality of service, monitoring, and uptime
  • Spend time on what really matters instead of crawling through access logs, ACLs, and checking firewall rules
  • Instantly provision and revoke new services, and verify/test disaster recovery and failover

Decrease IT Expenditures

  • Stop deploying inappropriate firewalls, VPNs, or advanced routing and switching infrastructure
  • Secure and segment every resource effectively using the host identity
  • Eliminate the need for ineffective VPNs for site-to-site access

Reduce Deployment Time

  • Provision your network and resources in minutes instead of weeks
  • Move an IP resource, within and between physical, virtual, or cloud networks without having to change the IP or IDN policy
  • Point and click simplicity - policies a novice can easily manage

Decrease Failover and Disaster Recovery Time

  • Every HIP Service is based on unique host identities, so failover can be applied from an entire datacenter or to a specific server
  • The alternative? Check all VPNs, Firewall rules, ACLs, and other policies to ensure that the system is in fact quarantined or revoked

Bringing identity to all networked things: Common use cases

Check out these examples, and discover your own too!

Instant Segmented Networks

Rapid resource provisioning with simple micro, macro, and cross-realm segmentation


Segmented 3rd party access with instant provisioning and verifiable revocation

Secure Hybrid Cloud

Instant connectivity, cloaking, and movement for resources and networks on- or off-premises

Solving IP conflicts & IP mobility

Move any IP resource across subnets, networks, and clouds without IP address constraints

Cloaking networks & resources

Become invisible to hacker reconnaissance, fingerprinting, and packet sniffing

Instant disaster recovery, failover, & quarantine

Superior business continuity with automated resource provisioning and migration

Secure remote connectivity

Connect any resource in remote locations, or over shared/unmanaged networks

Legacy system connectivity & security

Protect and network aging systems using serial over IP

IoT Security

Enable built-in security for any IoT initiative

Secure machine-to-machine Communication

Enable built-in security for any M2M initiative

Learn how our solution helps Manufacturing organizations and Federal agencies.