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Software-Defined Networking

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Penn State secures building automation

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Achieve the benefits of Software Defined Networking plus security, mobility, and simplicity with Identity Defined Networking


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Get simple, secure control of all your networked things, located anywhere with identity based micro-segmentation


We believe security and networking ought to be integrated.


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5 Common Micro-Segmentation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


Our guide outlines and helps you avoid the most common mistakes organizations made during their failed micro-segmentation projects. Read it and start your project off right!


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Successful Micro-segmentation


Avoid the pitfalls of traditional networking and security.



Networks are difficult-to-control by nature. Making minor changes may result in some major nervousness. It doesn’t have to be that way.


Traditional solutions act as a bandage, often creating an endless loop of dependencies that cause networking barriers. It‘s time to simplify.


According to P.T. Barnum “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.” Except you’re running a network, not a circus. Avoid bad press altogether.



Your network should make you productive, not hinder your business.
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Learn how our customers took their lives back from their networks!
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  Tempered Networks gave us a simple way to achieve end-to-end private networking
for our Building Automation network that’s more resilient, scalable, and secure
than other alternatives.  

-Tom Walker, Facility Automation Services, Penn State University


Ditch the never-ending grind and embrace a worry-free network

Secure networking is hard. Most networks are really good at making you feel overwhelmed and exposed—not secure and connected. Tempered Networks believes you shouldn’t have to compromise security for simplicity. We strive to help you eliminate complexity, connect anything without worry, and take control back from your network.

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At Tempered Networks our goal is for you to always be calm, proactive and have peace of mind. To do that you need to be in control of your network; not allow it to control you. Unfortunately, networking is insecure and complex by nature—so you’re constantly left feeling overwhelmed, ill-equipped, and like you're always playing catch-up. We believe that security and simplicity aren’t mutually exclusive. We understand the tremendous anxiety that comes from network complexity, which is why we built a better way to network—one that’s trusted by CIOs of billion dollar brands and the founders from F5, InfoBlox, Cisco, and Splunk.

Here’s how we can help:

  1. Get in touch with us:
    We’ll have a brief call and learn about your specific needs and what you want to accomplish with your network.
  2. We’ll develop a solution:
    After reviewing your needs, we’ll walk you through a custom plan that’s designed to eliminate the complexity and stress caused by your old network.
  3. Give it a try:
    We’ll have you fully in control of your network in 1 day or less.

So, what are you waiting for? Schedule an appointment with us.

We want to help you put a stop to the never-ending networking grind and sleepless nights. Our mission is to help you cut complexity, reduce risk, and get control back from your network.