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We believe security and networking ought to be integrated.


Segment Anything

Achieve micro-segmentation for any IP resource without infrastructure change or disruption.

Connect Everywhere

Connect any device, over any transport, across any public or private network - in one-click.

Manage Easily

Add, move, change, and revoke devices instantly with zero trust policy orchestration.



Learn how our customers did it:

US hospital greatly reduced its attack surface

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Penn State's segmented BACnet systems

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Renewable Energy
Easily and securely manage energy systems

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Lower cost and segment BACnet infrastructure

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Oil and Gas
Secure segmentation and remote access

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Avoid the pitfalls of traditional networking and security.



Networks are difficult-to-control by nature. Making minor changes may result in some major nervousness. It doesn’t have to be that way.


Traditional solutions act as a bandage, often creating an endless loop of dependencies that cause networking barriers. It‘s time to simplify.


According to P.T. Barnum “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.” Except you’re running a network, not a circus. Avoid bad press altogether.


Avoid the 5 common micro-segmentation mistakes

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Get simple, secure control of all your networked things,
located anywhere with identity based micro-segmentation


Identity Based, Software Defined Networking
Brings Control and Simplicity

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Penn State University secures building automation
with micro-segementation

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Achieve the benefits of Software Defined Networking plus
security, mobility, and simplicity with Identity Defined Networking


  Tempered Networks gave us a simple way to achieve end-to-end private networking
for our Building Automation network that’s more resilient, scalable, and secure
than other alternatives.  

-Tom Walker, Facility Automation Services, Penn State University


Embrace a worry-free network

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