Micro-Segmentation for
the Connected World

Secure Networks Without the Cost and Complexity of Firewalls

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Secure Connectivity and Segmentation for Control Systems and IIoT

Enhance Security. Reduce Complexity. Accelerate Deployment.

Smart Buildings 2.0 eBook

Billions of insecure IIoT devices are being connected to the Internet. We help you connect and secure them without forklift infrastructure upgrades, specialized skills or additional headcount.

The Modern Airgap for IIoT
for Quick and Easy Isolation

North, South, East, West Micro-
Segmentation for Granular Control

Massive Reduction in Attack Surface
for Enhanced Security


Isolated and Segmented Connectivity In seconds

Eliminate network complexity and cost with a micro-segmentation solution that is point-and-click simple to deploy and manage

We establish trust before connectivity with an encrypted, orchestrated, trust overlay 

Education Guide

5 Common Micro-Segmentation
Mistakes Guide

Start your
micro-segmentation project on the right foot

Customer Use Case

Smart Buildings

Learn how Penn State
University securely connected and isolated 640 buildings

Customer Use Case

IIoT Microsegmentation
at Sea

Learn how one of the world’s largest cruise lines connected and secured its entire fleet’s maritime systems