Tempered Networks Service Provider Program

Differentiate with Superior Service Capabilities

Differentiate with superior cervice capabilites

Our purpose-built networking and security platform ensures you stand out from your competitors with unmatched availability/resilience, scale and security. We enable you to accelerate your business.

Tap into new markets

Bridge your customers’ cross functional goals, such as commercial IoT initiatives, by meeting the needs of both operational technologies & IT.

Increase availability and performance

Centralize control of separate networks and integrate different vendor systems

Tempered Networks for Independent Software Vendors (ISV)


Join the revolution! With a powerful and easy to manage approach to secure networking, Tempered Networks can help you enhance your brand and your portfolio. 

Our solution offers a proven new way of bringing value to your customer. Simplify your customers’ security objections while accelerating their adoption of your software services. Learn how Tempered can help you expand into new markets and grow your current customer base today!

Tempered Networks for Managed Service Providers (MSP)


Take your secure networking practice to the next level. Our MSP partners aren’t just managing services, they are transforming networks. Our solution helps organizations securely connect, cloak, segment, move, failover, and disconnect any connected thing instantly – anytime, anywhere. 

Tempered Network’s solution is built with an “orchestration and manageability first” mindset, enabling effortless micro-segmentation for groups of devices or a single device/machine. By giving you the power of a simple and flexible interface, we allow you to increase your productivity and focus on delivering the best Managed Services on the market.

Bringing secure connectivity to new and remote sites

Find out how PSU connected a remote building using cellular and eliminated the expensive fiber connection