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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

The benefits of digitization are driving organizations to connect billions of OT devices to the internet, destroying the air gap that once protected them. Even worse, new attack vectors are being created between unsecure devices, further increasing cyber risk.

Air gaps, by nature, established invisibility as a shield from external network threats. For IIoT devices and controls sitting behind most firewalls, that cloak of invisibility is gone.

Gabe Lowy points out the fatal flaw of the internal firewall for securing IIoT in his latest paper: “An Air Gap Firewall Provides Better IIoT Cyber Defense than Internal Firewalls.”

Air gap refers to systems, computers or networks that are not connected directly to the Internet or to any other systems or computers that are connected to the Internet. Air gaps are most commonly implemented in systems or networks that demand the highest security. Examples of air gapped environments include classified military networks, networks for processing payments and funds transfers, and ICSs that operate critical infrastructure. – Gabriel Lowy, “An Air Gap Firewall…” November 2019

Airwall Have Unique IIoT Security Capabilities

The Tempered Airwall is an air gap firewall, offering unique and powerful capabilities for protecting IIoT infrastructure, including: 1) cloaking of IIoT infrastructure to render IIoT invisible to remote threats; 2) eliminating lateral movement attacks; 3) authenticating and encrypting every connection from end to end; and 4) unifying security policies across diverse vendor, network, hybrid and cloud infrastructures.

Airwall Business Benefits

Virtual air gap firewalls, like Tempered’s Airwall: 1) reduce downtime and safety risks; 2) extend the life of existing infrastructure, including perimeter firewalls; 3) significantly reduce the IIoT attack surface; and, 4) enable easier and more consistent security policy enforcement across network and cloud infrastructure.

Stay tuned for more on Tempered’s Airwall, including exclusive footage of Tempered CEO Jeff Hussey announcing the Airwall at Future in Review 2019, where he accepted the FireStarter2019 award on Tempered’s behalf.

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