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Jeff Hussey

President, CEO and Co-Founder

Monday, August 27, 2018

There’s been a lot of talk and research about intelligent buildings and cities that are growing smarter by the day with an eye on optimizing energy consumption, increasing operational efficiency, and simply creating the ‘wow’ factor. Check out the flashy Bank of America buildings. It’s not too surprising as technology is enabling every ‘thing’ to connect and communicate over networks. Every energy storage system, elevator server, lighting panel, HVAC system, sensor, you name it, can be connected using building automation control networks like BACnet. This, combined with IoT, cloud, and artificial intelligence, adds up to slick capabilities unimaginable just 10 years ago. But the more systems we integrate, the more we need to protect since they can create vulnerabilities causing cracks in your network attack surface.

In the past, most IT departments didn’t get involved in deploying building services and systems, so building integrators often had to run cables, install unmanaged switches, and set up remote access using technologies like VPNs. Or, if the integrator didn’t have the right networking skills, they’d likely have to rely on the organization’s IT staff to get a firewall or VPN deployed before they could proceed. I’ve heard many a story about big delays for integrators who were at the mercy of networking pros. The great OT / IT divide isn’t a myth and if allowed to persist can severely fracture an organization’s operational efficiency and security posture when attempting to converge IT and OT systems.

That’s the backdrop driving our new partnership with Delta Controls that we announced today. Delta Controls is one of the leading manufacturers of building automation controllers, with more than 300 service providers in over 80 countries. They’ve mastered the integration and automation of everything throughout a building to create an energy efficient and sustainable solution, and Tempered Networks has delivered a simpler and smarter way to securely connect and segment building automation networks. Together, this partnership gives systems integrators the tools to achieve powerful outcomes for their customers including:

· Superior security
· Simpler and faster installations
· Better network performance
· More flexible connectivity options
· Faster data collection

We’re excited about this relationship that will deliver a huge competitive advantage for Delta Controls’ partners and customers and advances the growing smart buildings market. Read more about how we can simplify and secure smart building networks or contact us to set up a no obligation demo.