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Jeff Hussey

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Monday, October 23, 2017

Let’s face it—whether you’re at the drive-thru, in the doctor’s office, or (God forbid) in line at the department of motor vehicles —nobody likes to wait. As inconvenient and frustrating as those experiences are, waiting in the business world is also costly, because while your operations are on hold, your competitors are innovating, producing and selling. Time lost is money lost in the global marketplace. Tom Petty may have said it best in one of the most infectious songs in the history of rock n’ roll:

“You take it on faith, you take it to the heart
The waiting is the hardest part”

—Tom Petty, legendary American singer/songwriter

When it comes to secure networking, the waiting can definitely be the hardest part, and taking anything on faith can be like “Free Fallin” into a technological “Breakdown.” (How many Tom Petty songs can I work into a blog, I wonder?)

Complexity: The Old Way of Secure Networking

Whether you’re responsible for manufacturing systems, ATM networks, or PCI compliance, the old way to secure networks requires a lot of time and money, much of which is wasted. The problem is IT complexity. Building a truly secure network using a fundamentally insecure protocol such as TCP/IP often requires more technology and talent than is available. Maintaining such networks in rapidly changing environments can be even more difficult, making the decision to build a truly secure network, impossible to justify financially. Many firms choose to simply live with the security risks. But that’s an increasingly dicey position these days. Hacking isn’t just a big business, it’s a sport. Everyone…every business and every person is at risk in our connected world.

BYON: The Better Way of Secure Networking

Complex legacy networking methods are no longer acceptable—and fortunately— no longer necessary. Host Identity Protocol (HIP) fixes the fundamental security flaw in TCP/IP. Tempered Networks’ solution combines HIP with an orchestration engine facilitating point and click connectivity with true security in nearly any environment. Just as smartphones and tablets drove the wave of “Bring Your Own Device”, Tempered Networks enables you to “Bring Your Own Network” (BYON).

HIP allows you to build your own private overlay network anywhere, using any existing infrastructure. And that network will be highly available, radically secure and remarkably simple to deploy and maintain. There’s no need to modify any existing infrastructure… your existing legacy network remains in.

Not only is the HIP-powered BYON solution simple and secure, it’s also incredibly scalable, capable of connecting and securing something as large as a global manufacturing company or as small as a home security system. In part 2 of my blog, I’ll share with you how I actually use BYON at home.