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Greg Ness

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Monday, April 22, 2019

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Spring 2019: The Most Intelligent University Campus

A small team at a large university did what many thought would be impossible. They quickly and easily isolated a statewide control infrastructure spanning more than 600 buildings. Indeed, while many organizations struggle with rising security stack complexity and the added difficulty of securing converged infrastructures, they finished their project in record time and without adding staff.

From remote cornfield agri-labs to campus complexes of smart buildings serving a population of more than 100k students, the operations team increased connectivity and availability, enhanced security and reduced operating costs in what may be one of the fastest isolation projects ever completed.

Their success was recognized with the 2018 IBCON Digie Award for the Most Intelligent University Campus.

The 10-page eBook, complete with easy to understand charts and graphs, discusses key challenges the team faced, what they did to address those challenges and how they were able to quickly enhance security without creating an even more complex security stack.

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