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Trisha White

Human Resources Generalist

Thursday, April 26, 2018

For our first employee spotlight, Trisha, our HR Generalist, talks with Jared about his transition from one of our awesome interns to his role as a full-time employee.

Jared Williams is an intern success story in many ways, but especially for Tempered since he now works with us as a full-time Software Engineer. I knew the moment that I read Jared’s resume and cover letter that he was an A player. Jared was an intern at Tempered Networks from June to September 2017, and if it wasn’t for his last quarter in college, he would’ve started working full-time right away instead of starting officially in December 2017. Although I checked in with Jared and gathered some feedback about our internship program back in the summer, I wanted to check in with him about the transition from internship to full-time employee at our company.

Trisha: What is the biggest difference between working as an intern and a full-time employee at Tempered?

Jared: Probably the pay. But honestly, there’s not that many differences between the two. The only things that really stand out to me from both experiences are the same, which is the meaningfulness of my work where I’m a big part of decisions. Even as an intern, I was just working on one project, but I had free reign over what happened. Of course, the team collaborates to some extent, but I didn’t feel like I was just sitting in a cabinet and typing in the dark. As an intern at a start-up, I knew that all of my work towards the project I was assigned was making a great impact on deliverables and would go straight to market.

Trisha: What made you interested in Tempered Networks?

Jared: I’ve always had a slight obsession with security. Even when I was younger before I even thought about studying software engineering or coded anything, I was interested in what people could do to break down security to hack you. Tempered was most interesting to me because it addressed the security focus, but there’s still a variety and much more to what we do.

Trisha: Why do you like working here?

Jared: This is a good place to learn a lot really quickly. If you’re willing to do as much as you can and take initiative, you’ll definitely learn more. The work inspires me the most to be here. It also makes a difference that the people on my team are really encouraging and more than just co-workers. I might even call them friends.

Trisha: What do you think of the Tempered Solution?

Jared: Our product is cool because it solves the problem of network management, and the fact that it’s obvious the problem we’re solving now isn’t the only problem we can solve; we can solve so much more.