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Tim Crawford

CIO Strategic Advisor

Friday, September 6, 2019

Tim Crawford is ranked as one of the top most influential CIOs. Tim is a strategic CIO & advisor that works with large global enterprise organizations across a number of industries including financial services, healthcare, major airlines and high-tech. His work differentiates and catapults organizations in transformative ways through the use of technology as a strategic lever. We had the opportunity to talk with Tim about future of IIoT .

From your perspective how prepared are CIOs for the demands of IIoT?

CIOs are unprepared for the demands that IIoT brings to their organizations and customers. Much of that is due to the complexity and the change needed to support IIoT.

Why do you say that? What are the most critical differences between IT and IIoT when it comes to networking and security?​

The IIoT space is a very complicated space. Most CIOs are in somewhat of a predicament where many understand they need to change, but the process is complicated. IIoT requires a different way of thinking and architectures. Traditional products, methodologies and architectures break under the complexity and sheer scale that IIoT brings.

What do you think is the most critical challenge facing CIOs in the midst of digitalization?

The most critical challenge facing CIOs in the IIoT space is cybersecurity. Traditional tools and methods break under the different requirements for IIoT. Many organizations will need to rethink their overall approach to cybersecurity to ensure that IIoT does not becoming the doorway to their most sensitive assets.