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Jeff Hussey

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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

[Exclusive Interview] VIP Jeff Hussey

Quoting Albert Einstein, Jeff Hussey said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” He emphasizes that we need to think out of the box, which is easier said than done. Therefore, in today’s sharing session with the expert on creative thinking and breaking through cyber security myths, everyone should benefit and learn as much as possible.

Break the Old, Establish the New

Jeff Hussey’s creation of new things stems from his view of the cyberspace being “old”. “I started working in the bond trading sector, focusing on information trading. Therefore, I have to master network technology and I have found a problem." In the 1990s, the Internet grew at an incredible speed, doubling at a rate of 90 days. However, at the time, the Internet was a luxury; each server was very costly and also had a lot of problems. “To double your speed, you have to pay five times more. It was very expensive. Besides that, the server efficiency was low and unreasonable. Why not try load balancing?” Just one problem led to the breakthrough of the traditional server concept, resulting in the technological advancements of load balancing and the advent of F5.

Changing the Internet Fundamentally

F5 is the precursor to load balancing that changed the Internet forever. Do modern servers have load balancing? After F5's IPO in 1999, the stock price rose by 1,040% in 6 months. This story is now a classic, and with this, Jeff Hussey was also recognized as a legend in the field. But Jeff did not stop innovating; he discovered another revolutionary idea in 2014: Identity-Defined Networking (IDN). This time, it was an even more thorough and drastic change. "I think this idea is incredible. It is fundamentally changing everything on the Internet." Tempered Networks now views the Internet from a new angle. Defining networks with identity is completely different from the traditional definition of IP addresses, which may completely change the world of the Internet.

Situation: like treating cancer with a bandage

Jeff Hussey firmly believes that Tempered Networks can solve the problems of the current Internet world. "The fundamental problem with the Internet is that the current network protocol, TCP/IP, is older than I am! The inventor did not consider security and made a fundamental mistake: there was no distinction between locator and identifier." The inventor may not have thought that the Internet will grow to its current scale today, leading to chaos, serious security loopholes, and hacker attacks. "In today's world, you build networks, then the switch, and router... Afterwards, you think of security, so you add firewalls, VPNs, etc. Everyone spends a lot of time and energy solving these problems, but it is just like treating cancer with bandage. We need to solve the root of the problem." Tempered Networks' approach to this is to tackle the problem from another angle and solve the fundamental cause of the problem.

Solving a “problem”

Normally, when people solve problems, they find an answer. “Tempered Networks uses another approach to securely connect over the Internet, thereby addressing the root cause of security issues. Each device is defined as an identity from the very beginning, which can be communicated first, and thus no longer pose any IP address security issue.” The beauty of IDN is that the device does not have the inherent risk of using IP addresses for identity. There is no issue because the “problem” simply does not exist. “Communication between devices are safer and more secured because the hacker cannot even find you. And you don’t need to drastically change the infrastructure. It is very easy to configure and can be done in 10 minutes, after which it is set once and for all.”

Cybersecurity is a sport

"The online world will only continue to expand. If we do not fundamentally change the network protocol, we will not have enough manpower to deal with the bigger problems." Especially with the rapid development of IoT and cloud technology, the load on network security has become more severe. Jeff Hussey believes that Tempered Networks will allow businesses to allocate their IT staff to deal with more important things. His greater concern with the online world today is hackers. "Network security is not just a big business. It is a sport. In addition to money and profits, there are many people who are interested in it. It is just like climbing a mountain. Just because there is a mountain there, people want to climb it and challenge themselves. They will invade the railway system, public, and defense facilities, which can be really dangerous.” If Tempered Networks’ IDN can improve the cyberworld's security, it will be equivalent to removing the mountain so hackers will not have a mountain to climb. However, will new problems arise from that? "They can play other sports, e-sports are not bad," Jeff Hussey is the internet version of yugong yishan.


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