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Rob Goss

Regional Sales Director of the Great Lakes

Friday, June 28, 2019

We had a great time talking to partners, prospects and customers at our booth at IBcon, the world’s largest smart building conference. This show proved that 2019 is the year of change! Everyone is talking about how data is being leveraged to make building automation systems more efficient and reliable.

The smart building community knows that the number of smart, connected devices is expected to rise to 20.4 billion over the next year. Alongside this emergent connectivity is also a very real danger. Previously air-gapped devices like HVAC systems can now be an entryway for cyberattacks. Formerly innocuous things installed years ago can now be compromised. And even without malicious actors, it is difficult to tell which remote vendors can access which systems.

Tempered Networks at IBcon 2019 - the Smart Buildings Conference

The good news: in response to these new threats and challenges, facilities are now employing pen testers to check the security of BAS networks.

The bad news: facilities owners routinely fail pen tests.

People buying and managing new properties don’t care about the networks and systems inside the building they are taking on. They are almost treated like playing cards! In most cases these organizations don’t have the headcount needed to take care of these environments and they rely on SIs and outsourcing to do the heavy lifting. Real estate firms often hire companies like Intelligent Buildings to guide security decisions and monitor risks.

In talking with IBcon attendees it became evident that people naturally sort themselves into two groups: the folks who don’t care, and the people in the know of the existing risk are overwhelmed and waiting for the day when something catastrophic happens.

For those of you in the latter category, check out our Smart Buildings 2.0 eBook. We’re here to help.