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Monday, October 28, 2019

23 years ago, I started a company to address what I saw as the fundamental challenge of the enterprise web era... scale.  F5 Networks started in a small office in Seattle and went public in just over three years.  But that was then… and things are a great deal more complex today. The demands of cloud computing alongside the enormous increase of connected ‘things’ (IIoT infrastructure) simply overwhelm conventional networking and security tools. The tools are 25-50 years old and were not designed with today’s challenges in mind.

Take the firewall for example. Notionally, firewalls are rated by how long they’ll slow the spread of a fire, typically 60 to 90 minutes. Firewalls hamper the spread of a fire, but DO NOT put it out. In reality, firewalls in your network may slowdown movement of malware or a bad actor, but they DO NOT eliminate the threat. With firewalls, it’s just a matter of time… Furthermore, they’re complex and difficult to manage. That’s because firewalls are simply band-aids that don’t address the fatal flaw: the use of an IP address as both device locator and identifier. A new solution is required that addresses the fatal flaw and reduces cost and complexity.


This is why Tempered is introducing the Airwall.


While an Airwall is conceptually similar to a firewall or VPN, it’s also fundamentally different and natively secure. It returns the notion of an air-gap to networking, virtually. We’ve built it from the ground up to squarely address the challenges of the hybrid-cloud and IIoT. It’s purpose-built to address the complexity, resilience, scale and security demands of today’s connected world. Ultimately, Airwall puts you in control to manage cyber risk, so you can stop settling for obsolete defenses and protect your crown jewels.



Jeff Hussey

Jeff Hussey