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Jeff Hussey

President, CEO and Co-Founder

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

When my son was an infant we used to play ‘peekaboo’... you know, the game where either you or your child covers your eyes or face, and the other person “disappears”. Then you pop back into view and say Peekaboo!, I see you! The game uses the fundamental structure of all good jokes – surprise, balanced with expectation.

As my son grew older, we advanced from peekaboo, to hide and seek. Most of the time, I knew where he was, but pretended to look elsewhere to prolong the game. That was fun in a wide open room without any true perimeters-it was actually impossible for him to hide. But as he grew up, he eventually figured out how to really hide, and anyone who’s had kids knows how upsetting it is to ‘lose’ one.

Like my son, hackers have grown up and enterprises can no longer afford to play games with them. Appropriately, many enterprises have concluded that trying to secure the perimeter with firewalls is like playing peekaboo - installing the firewall is like covering your eyes, provisioning is like spreading your fingers so your eyes can be seen.

Other security tools such as intrusion and anomaly detection may elevate the game to hide and seek, but that too is insufficient. Hacking is actually big game played by people who might have climbed mountains in a different era. 'Why did I hack you? Because you’re there’. It’s also a big business practiced by professionals and nation-states, so network security is a very serious business. Enterprises need to change the ‘game’.. and they can.

Identity Defined Networking introduces ‘invisibility’ to the games of hacker peekaboo and hide and seek, making it effectively ‘game over’. If you’d rather spend your time building your business than playing games with hackers, we invite you to try IDN and add ‘invisibility’ to your game plan.

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