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Rob Goss

Regional Sales Director of the Great Lakes

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Rob Goss on the networking podcast, ITintheD

Caston Thomas of InterWorks and Rob Goss of Tempered Networks had the opportunity to discuss “Zero Trust” and “Software Defined Parameter” with the Detroit-based podcast, ITintheD. ITintheD is a long-established weekly podcast with over 150K subscribers and over 300K weekly plays.

During the podcast, Rob introduced Tempered’s Identity Defined Networking and the benefits of Host Identity Protocol which was developed to address the vulnerabilities of TCP/IP. No other commercial solution leverages HIP, which lets network managers easily connect, segment, move, revoke, cloak, and manage any networked ‘thing’. HIP is the only protocol designed for zero trust segmentation by eliminating the pitfall of tying network communication to IP addresses.

They talked about how organizations are looking for ways to enhance their network security without a lot of complexity and hardware, thereby accelerating deployment. They also introduced HIPnet which lets users set up their own private, secure networks in minutes – at no cost. Skepticism turned into excitement during the episode, which has led to a follow-up episode for the week on January 14th – this is this week.

You can find the podcast here. Our segment begins at the 52 minute mark.