HIPswitch 150 Series New

Securely Segment
the Industrial IoT Edge







The HIPswitch 150 is a cost-effective and ruggedized Industrial IoT edge gateway that delivers peer-to-peer encrypted and segmented connectivity for machines anywhere in the world. It comes with PoE input, Serial-over-IP, and optional cellular module with seamless failover between wired and cellular networks for high availability. The HIPswitch 150 is often deployed in-line for machines that cannot protect themselves, while being easily managed with point-and-click policy configuration through the Conductor.

It can protect and segment machines in a 1:1 or 1:many configuration, and can also be pre-provisioned for deployment by non-technical staff to save time and money.

Below is a small sample of what machines our customers use the HIPswitch 150 to connect and segment.

Smart Buildings

Controllers, Sensors, PLCs, Cameras, HVAC, Lighting, Fire, Elevators, and more


HMIs, PLCs, RTUs, Historians, Robotics, Sensors, ERP Systems, Cameras, and more


Infusion Pumps, PACS systems, MRI Machines, Epic Printers, Tablets/Desktops, payment systems, and more

Energy and Water

Substations, Generators, PLCs, Historians, Sensors, Smart Meters, Cameras, and more

Rapid Deployment from
IoT Edge-to-Cloud


Our customers deploy, connect, and protect their machines across separate networks in minutes, rather than days or weeks with firewalls and VPNs. The IDN platform delivers a more secure network architecture based on cryptographic machine identities and strong mutual authentication that is simple to orchestrate and scale.




quote line

“Tempered Networks gave us a simple way to achieve rapid segmentation for our building automation network that’s resilient, scalable, and secure. In less than 20 minutes, we were able to deploy our first cloaked overlay network without having to modify systems or involve IT.”

Tom Walker,
Facility Automation Services, Penn State University



Get Superior Network Connectivity

and Availability with Instant Link Failover


The HIPswitch 150g delivers failover between wired Ethernet connection (DSL, cable, satellite, T1, etc.) to cellular. If the wired WAN connection fails, it will seamlessly failover to the cellular modem for superior network resiliency.

In addition, you can use the cellular failover connection to get remote sites up-and-running before the local internet service provider is able to come out and activate the wired primary internet connection.

Secure Extension of Serial Communications


The enhanced Serial over IP (SoIP) now features Modbus TCP to RTU many-to-many gateway, allowing our customers to control just about any piece of industrial equipment from anywhere in the world and eliminate Modbus converters. After configuring Modbus via the HIPswitch 150 SoIP settings in Conductor, the HIPswitch will accept Modbus TCP commands from servers, issue the commands to serially-connected Modbus RTU device(s), and return the responses via Modbus TCP back to the server. Our customers segment and secure all Modbus traffic in a manner that industrial or next-generation firewalls cannot.

HIPswitch 150 Hardware Specifications