HIPswitch 250 Series

Securely Segment
the Industrial IoT Edge







The HIPswitch 250 is a powerful ruggedized industrial IoT edge gateway that delivers peer-to-peer encrypted and segmented connectivity for machines anywhere in the world. It's Ethernet and SFP port dense design with PoE, Serial-over-IP, dual cellular modems, and link management eliminates the cost, complexity, and availability limitations of deploying separate switches, VPNs, Firewalls, Cellular Routers, and APNs.

It can protect and segment machines in a 1:1 or 1:many configuration, and can also be pre-provisioned for deployment by non-technical staff to save time and money.

Below is a small sample of what machines you can use the HIPswitch 250 to connect and segment.

Smart Buildings

Controllers, Sensors, PLCs, Alarms, Cameras, Lighting, Elevators, Payment Systems, and more


HMIs, PLCs, RTUs, Historians, Robotics, Sensors, ERP Systems, Cameras, and more


Infusion Pumps, PACS systems, EKG monitors, MRI Machines, Printers, Vending Machines, Payment Systems, and more

Energy and Water

Substations, PLCs, RTUs, Historians, HMIs, Generators, Sensors, Smart Meters, Cameras, and more

Rapid Deployment from
IoT Edge-to-Cloud


With a plug-and-play design, you can now rapidly connect and segment your infrastructure from edge-to-cloud, with little to no changes to existing infrastructure. This eliminates the complexity, time, and costs associated with traditional networking and security solutions.

In addition, central policy orchestration is non-persistent, so all enforcement points can run autonomously for superior network resiliency and availability.




quote line

“The HIPswitch 250 enabled us to replace our old unsecured radio transmission systems with cellular for our remote sites, helping us reduce costs and improve system availability.” With alternative technologies like Firewalls, VPNs, radios, and cellular modems, we had estimated it would take more than a year and be less secure. With Tempered Networks it took 3 weeks, was a quarter of the cost, and our SCADA systems are now easily networked, cloaked, and protected - without having to re-IP everything.

Network Administrator,
Large U.S. Water/Wastewater Utility



Get Superior Network Connectivity

and Availability with Instant Link Failover


The HIPswitch 250 features smart link manager and dual cellular modems that deliver priority-based millisecond failover across multiple cellular links and wired routes. If the wired WAN connection fails, it will seamlessly failover to and between different cellular providers (T-Mobile, AT&T, etc.), creating highly available and resilient networks with superior uptime.

Additionally, both cellular modems have externally accessible SIMs, giving our customers the flexibility to swap carriers at any time and use consumer grade carrier plans, avoiding expensive vendor APN lock-in.

Secure Extension of Serial Communications


The enhanced Serial over IP (SoIP) now features Modbus TCP to RTU many-to-many gateway, allowing our customers to control just about any piece of industrial equipment from anywhere in the world and eliminate Modbus converters. After configuring Modbus via the HIPswitch 250 SoIP settings in Conductor, the HIPswitch will accept Modbus TCP commands from servers, issue the commands to serially-connected Modbus RTU device(s), and return the responses via Modbus TCP back to the server. Our customers segment and secure all Modbus traffic in a manner that industrial or next-generation firewalls cannot.

HIPswitch 250 Hardware Specifications