Hospitals often have no idea what’s on their network at a particular moment. They’re often using networks built over the last 20 years and no one made a map. Very few have done any inventory of connected devices. And those devices can be plugged and unplugged from the network in seconds. Many of them are running outdated and unpatched. operating systems.

Around 10% of the devices on hospital networks run outdated operating systems (XP, Windows 2003 as examples). Hospitals are also starting to realize that there are 1000’s of connected devices that if breached, could hurt someone. These include devices that deliver medication, drugs, chemotherapy and radiation.

Health Care Digitalization: Tempered IDN is a Win/Win Solution for Patient Safety

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Greg Ness

Chief Marketing Officer

Thursday, May 23, 2019

The advantages of digitalization are well documented and understood, especially in health care. Patients, for example, benefit when their doctors can access their critical data by simply plugging a device into a wall jack. That wall jack often connects to every other connected device in the...

Your Medical Records Going to the Highest Bidder

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Jeff Hussey

President, CEO and Co-Founder

Thursday, April 19, 2018

You probably remember the headlines from around this time four years ago, when a data breach at Target resulted in the capture of thousands of payment cards and personal data (and in Target paying nearly $70 million to financial institutions to cover their losses and the cost of reissuing all those...