I love customers who are delighted with our solution, and we’re getting more and more of them all the time. For example:

One of our customers is a large public university system that had the challenge of securely connecting BACnet systems in over 500 buildings across the state. Adding to the difficulty, they had an extremely tight 3-month timeline, could add zero headcount and had only a limited budget to work with.

Naturally, their first step was to evaluate standard network security (NetSec) methods, but even a cursory review of the options made it clear that this route was simply not feasible. Traditional NetSec technologies are complex, costly and historically require a new person on the team for every 50 endpoint firewalls you add – in this case that’s 10 new people they couldn’t hire. In addition, NetSec takes significant time to configure, install and manage.

Then the customer discovered Tempered Networks and was astounded to learn that our more secure solution was a fraction of the cost, could meet their installation timeline and wouldn’t require new headcount to manage. A side-by-side comparison looks like this:

The advantages that our solution offered made this a no brainer for the customer. We are more secure, less expensive and require no new personnel. And by pre-provisioning HIPservices for each site, the process of installation was essentially plug-and-play. Once the team was trained, they connected up to 10 buildings a day, despite major construction projects happening in many of them. Often the biggest time constraint was how long it took to travel between buildings, campuses and remote sites.  By comparison, traditional NetSec solutions would have taken, on average, 5-days for each building. That’s almost 7 man-years, working 365 days a year, and that’s ridiculous.

To recap: we have a delighted customer who was able to connect BACnet systems in over 500 buildings for a fraction of the cost of traditional NetSec solutions. Installation took weeks (under three months) instead of years, and the entire deployment can be managed by the existing four-person staff without extensive training or adding new headcount.

Connect 500 buildings in under three months with zero added headcount: That’s the 500–three-zero challenge.

Next time you have to connect building automation systems, take your own equivalent of the 500-3-0 challenge, and see how Tempered Networks stacks up against your other options. I look forward to talking with you.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017 By Erik Giesa