I’ve been in enterprise networking and security for nearly 30 years. In that time I can truly say that I’ve seen it all. After spending pretty much all of my calories in the world of IT, you can imagine that I have a long list of ‘lessons learned’. Lucky for you I won’t go through them now. Instead, my unsolicited advice to you when it comes to networking is: Don’t compromise. Simplicity and security ought to be attached at the hip and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice one for the other.

At Tempered Networks, we believe that security is a right and that networking shouldn’t be as difficult as it is. It should be simple, fast and affordable. Your network security should give you peace of mind, not anxiety. And, yes, even micro-segmentation should be simple to manage!

It’s one thing for me and our well-tempered team to believe this, but as it turns out, the folks at SC Media happen to agree—and they really like our technology. So much so that they honored Tempered Networks as one of just two vendors added to the SC Media 2017 Hall of Fame. I also appreciate the fact that they took the time to mention the HIPrelay, an identity-based router, that can connect any routable or non-routable device to another device anywhere based on the unique identity of the destination device. We like to think of it as our ‘killer app’ for networking.

Peter Stephensen, SC Media’s technical editor positioned it well, indicating that “It’s the beginning of allowing users to create their own private Internet.” That pretty much hits the nail on the head. You can check out the news here.

Here’s the bottom line: Your network should make you more productive, not hinder your business. Let us help you escape from the network cartels and get control over your network so it doesn’t control your life. Contact us to simplify your approach to secure networking and get back to work worth doing.

Monday, January 8, 2018 By Jeff Hussey