Over the course of my career I have become familiar with many of the different ways that hackers and other bad actors can penetrate an IP network. With the growing sophistication of these cyber criminals, I hear more and more customers talk about the need to implement a  Cyber Kill Chain (CKC) strategy for when their network gets compromised. Though there is some controversy about the specifics of the CKC model, there is little argument that we need an effective way to quickly analyze and address cyber-attacks when they occur.

While it’s important to be prepared, what if you were able to eliminate the CKC all together? At Tempered Networks, we believe that our solution is the first that allows companies to actually kill the cyber kill chain. Not simply improve on the model, but eliminate the need for it all together.

We’ve always known that by addressing the fundamental flaw in IP addressing and assigning every device, or endpoint on a network, a unique cryptographic identity, our Identity Defined Networking (IDN) solution effectively cloaks vulnerable, high-value systems from hacker reconnaissance, both north-south and east-west. Now we have third-party evidence to back it up. Recently, the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) tested our solution in multiple scenarios and came to the same conclusion: It is impossible for hackers to see a cloaked, Tempered Network.

Are you spending time and money developing your cyber kill chain strategy? Let me, and Tempered Networks, show you a better, more effective way to secure your network.


Thursday, August 24, 2017 By Erik Giesa