Like visitors to a foreign island, once your passport is checked and cleared, you’re free to roam around the island, enjoying everything that is available. For the enterprise – far from luaus, bungee jumping and snorkeling – IP-based networks traditionally enforce a wide security perimeter around the corporate network. However, once you’ve passed the protected perimeter, many times it’s a flat infrastructure with many opportunities to laterally move inside the network. The now-insider can roam like a tourist, treated like a native. No checks, no balances. Once you’re in, you’re in.

With the explosion of connected devices within the last few years, mostly due to workplace shifts like BYOD, employee mobility, vendor access and IoT, it’s time to rethink the reach of your network. With the evolving network landscape, you now need to consider activity beyond the firewall– out into shared public networks each with varying network policies, adding complex challenges for networking and security.

“One should assume that an internal network is as fraught with danger as the public Internet and build enterprise networks and applications based upon this assumption.” --From Google’s BeyondCorp initiative.

For IT departments, this means a significant expansion of the available attack surface, which can be daunting to address.

Software-Defined Segmentation enforces a perimeter of one


Here at Tempered Networks we believe companies need to re-think their networking and security infrastructure, moving away from the perimeter model of security. To keep up with business requirements, IT is forced to perform numerous repetitive and manual tasks: box-by-box configuration of switching, routing, adjusting firewall rules, maintaining VPN policies, creating VLANs, mapping VLANs across switches and uplinks, creating port groups, updating service profiles, … and on and on…

This process is costly, and does not scale well. The time to “collect and protect” using IP addresses alone is gone. Security practices of the past simply will not meet the needed business requirements in this new era of complexity and attack sophistication. By establishing a software-defined perimeter with flexible segmentation capabilities, your available attack surface can be reduced by as much as 90 %!

Grant the right access to the right resources, to the right people at the right time.

With software-defined segmentation and an orchestration engine that makes managing access incredibly easy, dynamic access to the right resources is now easily achieved. If every entity (person or device) is a perimeter of one – then you can let everyone on and off the island – passports intact, access granted when, where and how you define. Tempered Networks offers a secure networking architecture able to adapt to any connected resource – anytime, anywhere, and maintain security requirements while maintaining your users’ progress and productivity.

We are available to share and show you how you can establish a robust network fabric inside and outside your network. Reach out to us any time and set up a demo to see how Tempered Networks can help you establish and maintain a secure, flexible and manageable network – one that helps you establish the perimeter of one.

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Monday, April 17, 2017 By Erik Giesa