What if you could provide far stronger security with far less complexity and time? Perhaps it sounds too good to be true, or you’ve heard it all before?

It’s possible when you build a “Well-Tempered” network—one that uses cryptographic trust management and effortless orchestration to provide a cloaked layer of defense for your networked devices. It works no matter where the protected devices are, whether it’s next door in the data center or halfway around the world at a customer’s site. And, logically they are on the same network, one hop away from one another.

With our newest release we’ve upped the game even further, adding increased throughput and support for thousands of devices as well as the ability to manage thousands of devices with a few clicks of the mouse. First, we automatically discover your devices. You then group them with a click and allow them to communicate with trusted peers with another click. All of this is done in a few minutes, allowing you to get back to other more pressing needs.

All device IDs are encrypted, as are all communications. Those thousands of devices are cloaked and removed from the underlying network. They won’t respond to anyone or anything except their trusted peers. Hackers can’t perform recon and no dissatisfied employees or rogue contractors have access or line of sight.

The key is the orchestration. Think you can do it yourself? Try cobbling it together for a couple of systems and then multiply by a thousand (Did I hear you say, “No way”?).

In the background, the automated orchestration manages the whole process effortlessly, in a blink. No tunnels to create, no certs to apply, no firewall rules to write or change, no changes to switches or routers. Just a clean, micro-segmented and cloaked environment that is “virtually” air-gapped from the rest of your environment and the world.

Check it out!

Monday, September 28, 2015 By Anonymous (not verified)