Each year brings new and increasingly clever exploits, including wireless, supply chain, and social engineering techniques that can bypass many of today's mainstream perimeter security controls for infrastructure systems. Trends show that while the nature of compliance requirements have increased to meet the basic automated attacks against network systems, they typically are not designed to thwart the more advanced attacks that target infrastructure.

We’re all witness to these exploits on a daily basis, and we’re all suffering the consequences. Currently, the big hack-of-the-moment discussion surrounds our nation’s voting systems. In order to maintain and protect one of our most cherished rights as citizens, we need State governments to be prepared and proactive in defending networks and voting systems against cyber breaches. A recent Huffington Post article speaks to this very topic.

That’s why Tempered Networks exists. We bring a new identity-based paradigm to networking; creating secure, private, mobile, and nearly impenetrable networks for any organization--large or small; private or public sector. Our mission is to rapidly deploy and easily orchestrate unique cryptographic identities for every connected thing, everywhere. Holistic policies unifying networking and security can now be based on device identity, not IP addresses. This frees organizations to lower their costs while dramatically reducing their attack surface and risk.

At Tempered Networks, we are committed to helping government agencies who are managing voting systems and other sensitive networks and communications, which are huge targets for cyber attacks. The Huffington Post editor, Jennifer Gomes, cites Tempered Networks’ ability to ‘cloak’ voting systems.

To that end, we want to help any government election authority that needs to secure their voting systems and critical networks by providing our deep secure networking expertise and offering 30 percent off our Identity-Defined Networking solution, through the first quarter of 2017. Please contact us at info@temperednetworks.com for more details.

Friday, December 16, 2016 By Anonymous (not verified)