We are honored to be among the 2017 Security Today Govies award winners – a program highlighting outstanding government security products. Tempered Networks has been recognized within the Cyber Defense Solution award category for our  Identity-Defined Network (IDN) platform. We are pleased to support and protect the unique needs of government organizations, to meet their specific regulations and security requirements.

Winners were selected based on “features, innovation, user friendliness, interoperability, quality, design, market opportunity, and impact in the security industry, technical advances, and scalability.” According to Ralph C. Jensen, editor in chief of Security Today magazine and securitytoday.com, being selected for a Govies award means the solution(s) “work flawlessly within the government vertical.”

Government security continues to be an ongoing concern. For this year’s Govies, Security Today received “28% more entries” indicating a rise in demand and an increase of requirements at the federal, state and municipal levels. We take pride that our cutting-edge security design and approach meets these requirements in a way that stands out among the field, and do not overlook the responsibility that being awarded imparts.

Tempered Networks offers a secure networking architecture able to adapt to any connected resource – anytime, anywhere, and maintain the highest security standards, while maintaining your users’ productivity. The solution addresses the fundamental flaws of TCP/IP by cloaking devices and vulnerable endpoints to dramatically reduce the network attack surface.

A big thank you to Security Today for their support and promotion of the Govies, and for selecting us among the solid list of winners. Tempered Networks works hard every day to innovate and listen, so we maintain the successes and integrity of our unique security approach and offerings.

Reach out to us any time and set up a demo to see how Tempered Networks can help you establish and maintain a secure, flexible and manageable ‘award winning’ network.

Monday, April 17, 2017 By Erik Giesa