One of the fundamental flaws with the way IT networks are constructed today is that many systems architects and administrators continue to view networking and security as two separate entities.

First we have security, which is indeed a larger than life issue all to itself. Data breaches, malicious hacks, and cyber crime have formed a collective virtual plague that is nefariously evolving like a drug-resistant bacteria. It’s a big problem.

On the other hand, we have networking, where every ‘thing’ needs some sort of connectivity. We want access from anywhere, anytime, and we want superior performance, from all points known and unknown. On top of that, we demand increasing levels of speed, performance, and flexibility from our IT environments.

This quandary presents itself like a heavyweight showdown between two critical IT issues — Security and Networking. As a result, many organizations feel they have to make a choice between the two. Do we value the safety of our data or the openness of our network? It’s really an unfair choice to make because if we overvalue security, we run the risk of a trickle down effect that causes diminished productivity and eventually, an inferior brand image due to an inordinate number of security policies and other measures bogging down our systems. If we prioritize openness, then we run the risk of playing the role of roulette with the very lifeblood of the business.

The mission at Tempered Networks is to provide a balanced solution providing software defined networking built from the ground up with identity-based security and low operation cost. We want to eliminate the view of security and networking as separate issues, and interlock them as one unified IT strategy. We have the technology it takes to bridge the gap between security and networking. We believe that organizations should be able to have their cake and eat it too.

Our solution provides ‘cloaking’ to render the networks or individual resources virtually invisible to hackers. The networking aspect of our solution has to do with an advanced form of micro-segmentation. And, since we provide a centralized, scalable orchestration engine with single-pane-of glass management, IT staff can easily manage Tempered Networks across physical, virtual and cloud environments.

So, rather than managing complex networks loaded with security add-ons, our solution makes it so that everything in your Tempered Networks can either appear directly connected or one hop away, simultaneously. Furthermore, our micro-segmentation model greatly reduces the number of rules required by complimentary security measures, which will also enhance network performance and visibility. Don’t get me wrong, keep your firewalls to secure the perimeter, but the more they have to do and the more rules they put in place, the more complex things get and the slower the performance becomes. It only makes sense that effective simplicity trumps unnecessary complexity in any technology, especially when it reduces operational cost.

I had the opportunity to talk about this topic with Zeus Kerravala for a Network World piece, so you can read more about how Tempered simplifies network security in Zeus’ post here.

By Marc Kaplan, VP of Security Architecture

Tuesday, June 28, 2016 By Anonymous (not verified)