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The Premise

We live in a world that has become 100% Internet-connected in just 30 years. As transformative as that has been, organizations constantly struggle with network complexity, cost, and security breaches. The root cause of these issues stems from TCP/IP, which combines a device’s location and identity in a single IP address, using an address-defined networking model. All networking and security solutions on the market use this fundamentally flawed addressed-defined networking model, including so called ‘Next-Generation’ products.


Change is Required

Device identity must be based on a provable machine identity, not an ephemeral IP address. Currently, it’s impossible to give every device its own unique IP address so people use workarounds, such as Network Address Translation, that make networking even more complex and fragmented.

Identity Defined Networking (IDN)

Our simple and elegant solution that we call Identity Defined Networking (IDN) addresses the fundamental flaw of TCP/IP. With IDN, an IP address no longer serves as a device’s identity—just its location. IDN enables you to instantly create identity-based overlay networks that are inherently secure and incredibly simple to manage.


"We need the Internet - we live in a connected world. The problem these days is security: our vision is to make our connections reliable and secure for all users."

Jeff Hussey, CEO & Co-Founder,
Tempered Networks

Board Member - Stu Bailey


Redefining Networking & Security
Innovation for IP networking is finally here

Our Proven Solution is Unlike Any Other

Originally developed for a global Fortune 50 manufacturer, our technology enabled the company to increase its competitive edge by modernizing their production network and increasing production output, while safeguarding them against cyber breaches. Today, IDN is available to the broader market and we’re uniquely positioned to help you overcome your thorniest networking challenges. We understand the significant burden created by complex, time-consuming, and costly workarounds - not to mention the distressing security trade-offs.

Our identity-based solution leverages the IETF-ratified Host Identity Protocol (HIP), an industry breakthrough for secure communications. With HIP, your devices can be identified using strong cryptographic identities, rather than an IPv4 or IPv6 address. This means your networked devices can change location, yet retain their strong ‘verifiable’ cryptographic identity.

Our simple-to-use, policy-based orchestration means anyone can manage IDN overlays. Our point-and-click orchestration tool sets and distributes network policies, making manual and tedious IP address management a thing of the past. It’s time to say good-bye to antiquated addressed-defined networking and welcome identity defined networking.