Identity-Defined Networking Outcomes

Achieve what was previously impossible


A better networking architecture

Tempered Networks’ comprehensive and award-winning networking platform is based on the principle that it must be fast and easy to connect any device, anywhere, anytime. Significantly reduce OpEx and CapEx with an improved approach to networking that enables organizations to easily build flexible and secure networks.



Rapid 3-click network
provisioning &



Global connectivity &
IP mobility for any
machine or device



Safeguard assets with
unbreakable micro-segmentation
& cloaking

Cost Comparison

Decrease IT CapEx and OpEx costs
by up to:

Reduce networking & resource provisioning
time by up to:



  • Eliminate need to deploy internal firewalls or VPNs
  • Reduce man hours required for change management
  • Cost-effective ‘Pay-as-you-grow’ pricing
  • Provision new resources in minutes instead of days or weeks
  • Move IP resources globally without having to make changes to underlying infrastructure or IP schema
  • Point-and-click orchestration for easy policy configuration


Reduce attack surface
by up to:


Improve productivity for networking
& security teams by up to:



  • Establish verifiable trust and encrypted communications between every IDN endpoint in the fabric
  • Instantly isolate a compromised machine so it cannot be used for lateral attacks
  • Cloak IP footprint of devices and networks from all except trusted (whitelisted) IDN endpoints
  • Focus on new network designs and policies that improve quality of service, monitoring, and uptime
  • Spend time on strategic projects, instead of tedious ACLs, VLANs, and firewall rules


Improve mitigation, revocation and
quarantine time by up to:


Reduce failover and disaster recovery
times to as little as:
1 Second



  • Easily revoke access of machines or networks in seconds
  • Integrate with 3rd party security and networking services for instant quarantine or failover
  • Rapidly re-route traffic to forensics lab, unbeknownst to attacker
  • Failover can be applied to an entire datacenter, or an individual machine
  • Overcome limitations of routing convergence methods and DNS
  • Easily test and verify that failover works, without the need to check policies/tools