Easily connect any device, anywhere, anytime

Saving money with a simple and unified secure networking architecture



Identity-Defined Networking solves IT complexity

To be competitive in this new era of connectivity for every machine or thing, we must move beyond the complexities of traditional untrusted IP networking. It’s time to evolve from Address-Defined Networks based on IP addresses for device identity to Identity-Defined Networks where only trusted cryptographic identities bound to hosts or services can connect. This improved networking architecture brings back trust, and makes it easy to connect networks that weren't practical before to connect due to cost and complexity.


Tempered Networks CEO, Jeff Hussey
Improving the current IP model.


Stu Bailey, Founder of Infoblox & Board Member
IDN is the future of networking



Internet 3.0 takes your business to a new level

Internetworking 1.0 was about connecting PCs and users on a small scale. The current era, Internet 2.0, has been focused on large scale networking, connecting pretty much everything. However, secure networking is very complex and costly, and mistakes can be devastating.

Internet 3.0 moves beyond blindly networking everything, to a networking model based only on provable host identities. IDN delivers an improved networking architecture where only trusted and cryptographically IDENTIFIED hosts or services can communicate, across any environment. Now you can rapidly deploy and easily orchestrate secure networking policies for every connected device, everywhere.

  Internet 3.0 Solution Whitepaper