Simple IP Conflict Elimination

Rapidly connect and segment any device, anywhere in the world

The problems holding your business back

Today, we use two globally deployed namespaces, IP and DNS, to uniquely identify a host or service on the network. While they are well-designed tools, they’re being used to do much more than originally intended. The lack of provable host identities introduces weaknesses that are complex to overcome, and result in a broken trust model for IP networking.

A match made in heaven – unified networking and security

One of the fundamental flaws with the way IT networks are constructed today is that organizations view networking and security as two separate entities. Today of all days, Cupid would ask, “Where’s the love in that?” Rather, it is necessary to bind together(connect) and protect (secure) as one. At Tempered Networks, we offer a unified approach, creating a perfect marriage between networking and security that’s more secure, reliable, and flexible.

Tempered Networks Appoints Jeff Hussey as President and CEO

SEATTLE, NOVEMBER 3, 2014 Tempered Networks, Inc., a provider of secure connectivity for critical infrastructure, industrial control systems (ICS), and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), today announced that it has appointed Jeff Hussey as President and CEO. As the visionary who founded F5 Networks, Inc., Hussey, will lead the company into its next stage of growth.

Tempered Networks Provides Hardened, Resilient and Secure Connectivity for Critical Infrastructure

SEATTLE, NOVEMBER 3, 2014 Tempered Networks, Inc. today announced its comprehensive, purpose-built product line that provides secure and resilient connectivity for critical infrastructure. The transparent drop-in solution enables any organization to securely leverage trusted and untrusted networks, including wired, WiFi and cellular, and quickly scale their environments as needed.

Tempered Networks Completes Initial Round of Financing and Expands Board of Directors

SEATTLE, DECEMBER 17, 2014 Tempered Networks, Inc., a provider of secure connectivity for critical infrastructure and information, today announced that Erik Swan, co-founder of machine-data specialist Splunk, has joined its Board of Directors. In addition, Tempered Networks has completed a bridge round of financing, raising $5 million in addition to the $2 million of seed funding obtained earlier in the year.