A match made in heaven – unified networking and security

Jeff Hussey

One of the fundamental flaws with the way IT networks are constructed today is that organizations view networking and security as two separate entities. Today of all days, Cupid would ask, “Where’s the love in that?” Rather, it is necessary to bind together(connect) and protect (secure) as one. At Tempered Networks, we offer a unified approach, creating a perfect marriage between networking and security that’s more secure, reliable, and flexible.

IT teams are pulled and pushed to provide more open and available networks without risking business momentum and productivity. Security often takes the back seat.

Which is it then, security or networking? Must organizations choose? No. It is an unfair choice. And unwise. Too much of one, and not enough of the other, would harm the very heartbeat of the business. From our perspective, it is not a ‘this or that’ choice. It is an intertwined solution that achieves a higher level of security. It’s the underpinning of a flexible, growth-minded infrastructure.

Like Cupid, Tempered Networks’ mission aims for a perfectly balanced coupling between networking and security, resulting in a ‘better together’ situation. In our case, the quiver is ‘identity’ where we assign a unique identity to each device. Let’s eliminate the view of security and networking as separate beings, and interlock them as one – a single, integrated IT strategy.

We have the technology it takes to bridge the gap between security and networking. In our case, you can liken Tempered Networks’ centralized orchestration engine (The Conductor) to Cupid. The Conductor establishes and defines trust relationships and only allows devices with provable, trusted identities to connect and communicate with each other. So any device that has a unique crypto-identity can only be seen by trusted devices and hidden to all other ‘suitors’ who have not been whitelisted by Cupid. This approach not only dramatically reduces risk, but makes networking and communications incredibly efficient.

We provide the ability to cloak (hide) resources from all but trusted devices. And, since we provide an intuitive single-pane-of glass management console and support a broad range of environments – IT staff can easily control assets and end points across physical, virtual and cloud environments – even Cloud Nine.

Rather than manage complex networks loaded with security add-ons, establish a unified solution that securely connects everything from the get go. You can keep your firewalls to secure the perimeter, but the more they must do, and the more rules required to be put in place, the more complex things get. Simplicity outpaces complexity, and complexity is the enemy of security and efficiency. Learn more about how Tempered Networks simplifies secure networking so you too can find that match made in heaven.

Happy Valentine’s Day. May your network + security live happily ever after.