Secure Networking for
Campus and Multi-Tenancy Environments

Easily connect and micro-segment devices and systems across separate networks and distributed buildings - at lower cost than any alternatives

We deliver a simpler approach to securing and isolating your critical infrastructure based on trusted machine identities. Eliminate the need for internal firewalls and VPNs for secure access and segmentation with a single solution that is fast to deploy and radically secure.

50% Lower CapEx and 
OpEx through 
network simplification


Connect and Revoke Devices 
97% Faster, with little to
no network changes.


90% Reduced Attack
Surface through cloaking,
and micro-segmentation

Customer Innovation

Smart buildings

Penn State University improved security by segmenting their BACnet systems for over 640 buildings

How they did it →

"Tempered Networks gave us a simple way to achieve end-to-end private networking for our Building Automation network that's resilient, scalable, and secure. In less than 20 minutes, we were able to deploy our first cloaked overlay network without having to modify systems or involve IT."

Tom Walker,
Facility Automation Services,
Penn State University

Segmentation alternatives for campus 
networks are complex and costly


A modern campus is often like a small city. The typical network has to support a variety of devices and functions, such as building controls, payment systems, research environments, cloud-based tools for learning and collaboration, and much more. However, securely connecting and segmenting such a variety of devices at scale across multi-tenant environments is very complex and time-consuming.

The lack of good solutions forces organizations 
to deal with issues such as:

Segmenting and isolating different systems across a flat or shared network to meet security and compliance requirements

Granting and revoking remote access to specific systems as people come and go

Decreased network availability and performance due to broadcast storms

Traditional IT solutions such as firewalls, VPNs, routers, modems, ACLs, and VLANs are not the answer. They require significant time and expertise to deploy and manage, yet still remain vulnerable to breach due to insufficient security and segmentation.

We have a better solution that solves these challenges.

Simple, secure, and segmented
campus networks


We deliver peer-to-peer encrypted networks that make it simple to micro-segment devices and systems across highly distributed multi-tenancy environments.

With a simple plug-and-play deployment model and multiple connectivity options (wired, Wi-Fi, cellular, and radio) you can now eliminate the many complex and time-consuming steps required to deploy and manage internal firewalls and VPNs. Reduce connectivity costs, increase security, and improve network up-time with granular segmentation and centralized network control.

Strong Security

Easily isolate and segment devices and systems across flat or shared networks

Simple Cloud Integration

Securely connect previously separate systems for better business intelligence and improved building efficiency


Secure VPN-Less Access

Simple access and verifiable segmentation for employees, students, and vendors

Simple and fast deployment


Most customers will deploy hardware Airwall appliances (such as the Airwall 75) in order to cloak and isolate different devices and systems on the shared campus network. With both wired and WiFi connectivity, the Airwall 75 is a cost-effective replacement for smaller single-purpose firewalls that are too costly and complex to deploy at scale.

The Airwall relay is the world's first identity-based router that connects systems and buildings across separate networks, and can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud.The Airwall Conductor is the orchestration engine that manages policy for all distributed Airwall services (Airwall appliances, Airwall servers, and Airwall clients), delivering simple control of the network.

A Simplified Network Diagram
A Simplified Network Diagram

The conductor delivers simple and 
centralized network control 

Eliminate the complex and manual configurations associated with traditional IT solutions through simple point-and-click policy orchestration. Create, deploy, and disconnect overlay networks in seconds, with little to no change to existing network infrastructure.

Setting Policy Image
Setting Policy

Policy Orchestration That’s Point-and-Click Simple

Easily create isolated network segments and configure policy using the radio buttons. This simple process replaces the multiple steps of security and network configurations (using network addresses, ports, certificates, ACLs, and VLANs, and more) typically required by IT staff.

Visualizing Policy

Verify overlay network configuration and compliance quickly and easily

The Visual Trust Map allows you to immediately validate communication policy between protected machines, as well as their Airwall Services. With greater control of your network, showing segmentation for regulatory compliance reporting and security audits becomes quick and easy.

Visualizing Policy Image
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Smart Buildings

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