Integrated smart building networks seamlessly bridge the IT/OT divide for Delta Controls’ enteliWEB platform, enabling 97% faster network provisioning while reducing IT spend up to 50%

SEATTLE, AUGUST 27, 2018Tempered Networks, Inc., the pioneer of Identity Defined Networking (IDN), today announced a partnership with Delta Controls, Inc., a global leader in the innovation of building automation systems. Through this partnership, Delta Controls will deliver its enteliWEB® energy management platform as a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) offering through its global partners using Tempered Networks’ integrated IDN as the zero trust networking platform. Delta Controls’ systems integrator (SI) partners will be able to easily and rapidly connect and protect building automation systems (BAS) using IDN’s simplified networking architecture that provides a secure and non-disruptive way to instantly connect, segment, and cloak building controls from anywhere--without having to modify existing customer networks.

The combined solution simplifies connecting, collecting, and protecting smart building data between customers’ on-premises networks and enteliWEB servers without disruption. This provides tremendous flexibility and choice for determining how, when, and where customers can move their data from the IoT edge to the cloud to deliver a superior customer experience, that’s radically secure and extremely cost effective. The joint solution will be available for both enteliWEB on-premises and SaaS offerings.

Partnership Drivers

Delta Controls is a leading provider of smart building management with enteliWEB, which has been available as an on-premises solution since 2010. enteliWEB’s customizable energy management dashboards and building analytics give both operations and property owners the tools to drive building efficiencies that save tenants and owners money. Delta Controls’ partners and customers can securely access their private enteliWEB IDN from any location in the world accelerating predictive and preventive maintenance.

Delta Controls’ SI partners and customers will benefit through increased operational efficiency and heighted security for their smart building deployments by enabling them to:

  • Rapidly and cost-effectively connect, segment, and protect building automation systems, while eliminating network attack vectors across any customer network, transport, or cloud platform.
  • Easily create private, wide-area LANs without requiring IT staff to modify existing infrastructure, while preventing hacker reconnaissance and lateral security exploits.
  • Eliminate broadcast storms that can cause BAS downtime and hinder performance.
  • Seamlessly access dynamic IP addresses, eliminating the need for complex IP management and exposure to the public Internet.
  • Easily and securely connect systems and endpoints that are difficult or impossible to connect or route across different networks.
  • Instantly establish reliable connectivity to customers’ remote sites via cellular networks where no existing power or network exists.
  • Deploy and provision resources 10x faster than alternatives for a quarter of the cost with no additional headcount.


“Our partnership with Delta Controls is a big win for the smart building market by making it simple to connect and protect legacy and new building controls without disrupting existing network or security infrastructure,” said Jeff Hussey, president and CEO of Tempered Networks. “enteliWEB is built with the latest hardware and software innovations, but with any vendor, there are network and security deployment barriers beyond their control, such as a customers’ existing distributed network security policies or a cloud provider’s inadequate security controls. Traditional IT technologies are ill suited for smart building networks; they’re too complex, costly, and don’t allow for peer-to-peer data mobility, nor do they provide hardened segmentation. By using IDN, only explicitly trusted and authorized Delta Controls’ systems can join an encrypted IDN overlay network making them invisible and protected from other unauthorized devices.”

“For over three decades, Delta Controls’ focus has been to deliver innovative, dependable, and user-friendly building control solutions for commercial organizations worldwide,” said John Nicholls, President at Delta Controls. “As smart building and smart city projects remain on a rapid growth trajectory, both our Integrator and OEM partners increasingly need simplified management, higher quality of service, and heightened security for key technologies like BACnet systems. With our partnership with Tempered Networks, time to maintain, update and resolve building control issues can be performed near instantaneously without the worry of opening security holes or waiting weeks to provision access.”

“The costs and difficulties of networking have limited the ability of building automation suppliers to deliver smart services to their installed base of customers,” said Harry Forbes of ARC Advisory Group. “This partnership between Delta Controls and Tempered Networks shows that IDN can break through this barrier, providing a secure, low cost, and simple networking platform that enables these advanced services to reach a much wider market.”

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