Hussey co-founds company to provide secure connectivity for critical infrastructure
Company awarded ‘2014 Entrepreneurial Company of the Year’

SEATTLE, NOVEMBER 3, 2014 Tempered Networks, Inc., a provider of secure connectivity for critical infrastructure, industrial control systems (ICS), and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), today announced that it has appointed Jeff Hussey as President and CEO. As the visionary who founded F5 Networks, Inc., Hussey, will lead the company into its next stage of growth. Tempered Networks is based on technology developed by Asguard Networks, which was founded by David Mattes who will serve as CTO of the new company. With its break through approach to solving escalating, complex security challenges, Tempered Networks has been recognized as the 2014 North American Entrepreneurial Company of the Year, based on Frost & Sullivan’s independent analysis of Perimeter Network Security solutions in Critical Infrastructure.

Related to today’s news, Tempered Networks has also announced its newly branded product line, which is based on standards from the Trusted Computing Group (TCG), the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and the International Society of Automation (ISA). The company’s proven, enterprise-ready, and hardened product line meets the dramatically increasing cybersecurity challenges facing the modern industrial enterprise as they move to an IP-based infrastructure.



  • Product innovation based on 7-years Boeing R&D led by David Mattes, co-founder
  • First commercial product released and customer established by Asguard Networks in December 2012
  • In 2014, Hussey raised $2 million in seed funding, with additional $4 million planned by CYE
  • October 2014, Mattes and Hussey co-found Tempered Networks
  • Tempered Networks’ new headquarters established October 2014 in Seattle, Washington
  • Production customers in Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Utilities (water, power and energy) industries
  • Company awarded 2014 Entrepreneurial Company of the Year by Frost & Sullivan
  • Product line includes a scalable orchestration engine (HIPswitch Conductor™), a series of hardened physical and virtual security appliances (HIPswitch™), and a management console and user interface (SimpleConnect™).


Solving problems of ubiquitous connectivity

Critical industrial control systems commonly found within manufacturing facilities, public utilities, power plants, oil and gas production environments and healthcare facilities have become increasingly networked. The enterprise has much to gain from this increased connectivity as it allows them to monitor and remotely support these industrial devices, increasing their operational efficiency and therefore their revenue. This trend towards increased connectivity, however, brings complex security challenges. As industrial devices are networked, they are inherently exposed to cybersecurity threats causing security to be a chief concern across the enterprise. As a result, IT departments are increasingly burdened with protecting this critical and revenue-generating infrastructure. Tempered Networks’ solution creates a secure encrypted channel between industrial devices and cloaks critical infrastructure components.


“Operations people need an inherently secure system, without requiring some intrusive add-on software to be installed onto their equipment every time the IT staff thinks a new virus image or other configuration change is warranted,” said Craig Dupler, retired Strategic Architect and Technical Fellow at The Boeing Company. “At the same time, IT personnel lack the resources to meet the variety, scale, and lifecycles of production industrial networks. What results is inadequate integration, increased downtime, and unnecessary exposure to cyber attacks. At Boeing, we were able to bridge the cultural divide between IT and OT by deploying large-scale industrial overlay networks that coexisted with our enterprise network in a way that was highly secure, robust, flexible and cost effective.”

“Tempered Networks has delivered a holistic solution to minimize targeted attacks by isolating communications between industrial control system devices in a private network from the underlying network infrastructure,” said Rahul Vijayaraghavan, Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst. “In addition, IT staff has the ability to further delegate that network to a specified operator while maintaining governance. It’s an efficient, reliable, scalable, and easy-to-use solution offering that can be applied across various automation levels (level 0–4). We expect the solution to gain even more traction with the increase in the number of connected assets fueled by the IoT.”

“The Internet was designed to be reliable but it wasn’t designed to be secure,” said Jeff Hussey, Co-Founder, President and CEO of Tempered Networks. “As critical infrastructure and other ‘things’ we take for granted increasingly rely on network connectivity, security is not optional. Tempered Networks offers customers the ability to create hardened and resilient networks with our overlay network architecture that cloaks critical infrastructure devices, while enabling communications over secure channels. I’m excited about working with this talented team as we drive the industry forward.”

“With years of R&D investment at Boeing, numerous deployments in live production, and a market-driven roadmap, our products are built on a strong foundation,” said David Mattes, co-founder and CTO at Tempered Networks. “People have always struggled with usability and security and we have found a way for our customers to achieve both—without sacrificing operational integrity and availability. Looking ahead, our company—with Jeff’s commercial experience and deep understanding of enterprise-class availability and security–we’re well positioned to execute on our vision of delivering a secure, well-orchestrated Internet.”


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1 Source: Infracritical’s Project SHINE Findings Report, October 2014

About Tempered Networks

Tempered Networks is the pioneer of Identity-Defined Networking (IDN), unifying networking and security with a simplified approach that removes the constraints of IP networking. Our elastic and fully encrypted IDN fabric protects every connected resource with a unique crypto identity, instead of a spoofable IP address, enabling you to cloak any IP or serial-enabled endpoint, machine or network--with no IP modifications. For the first time, any network and connected resource can be orchestrated, cloaked, and encrypted from the start. Device-based trust is flexible and portable and extends from any external and public cloud network to internal network hosts and clients. Any IP resource can now be instantly provisioned, moved, or revoked, making your network as adaptable as software, more secure, and simpler to manage. For more information go to

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