New Modbus support eliminates need for costly serial-to-IP converters, expands coverage to Asian wireless networks, and incorporates enterprise DHCP services as part of zero trust overlay networks that can be built in minutes


SEATTLE, May 1, 2019Tempered Networks, Inc., a leading provider of secure connectivity for control systems and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), announced a new release of its Identity Defined Networking (IDN) software to bring the benefits of zero trust networking to more environments and markets. Organizations can take advantage of an array of new IDN capabilities to significantly reduce security risk, increase operational efficiency, and significantly lower CapEx and OpEx.


“As the lines blur between IT and Operational Technology (OT), organizations must provide access to control systems and production data across the enterprise and to the edge, while preventing cybersecurity events that may cause shutdowns, process disruptions, or safety threats,” said Erik Giesa, VP of Product at Tempered Networks. “The IT and OT convergence is happening now. With these new capabilities, IDN becomes the first solution to address the unique global demands of isolating and protecting control systems and IIoT, without the OpEx and CapEx overhead that comes with traditional firewall and segmentation solutions.”


Tempered Networks’ new software release encompasses three key areas:

  1. Support for industrial Modbus encapsulation and message handling to secure and extend direct serial communication across the global enterprise to eliminate the complexity and cost of industrial device servers and converters.
  2. New firmware support and certification to run on wireless networks in Hong Kong, Macau, and Japan so organizations can have a unified zero trust architecture to run over any network without modifications.
  3. Incorporation of enterprise DHCP (dynamic host configuration protocol) relay requests to make provisioning a zero trust overlay network even faster.




Modbus Gateway

To protect one of the most pervasive and insecure protocols, IDN’s Serial over IP (SoIP) capability has been extended with the introduction of a new Modbus RTU (remote terminal unit) to Modbus TCP gateway feature. By providing point-to-point networking, encapsulation, and cloaked micro-segmentation for Modbus endpoints, unauthorized systems/machines can no longer discover or connect to Modbus endpoints. In addition to delivering optimal efficiency for Modbus traffic through superior throughput and latency, customers will benefit by eliminating the need for unreliable and insecure Modbus converters.


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APAC Wireless Network Support

Due to the pervasiveness, economics, and performance of LTE and the rapid rise of 5G, wireless transport is widely recognized as the future of industrial IoT networking around the world. The move away from Radio, MPLS, and broadband continues, particularly for organizations based in APAC and Japan (APJ). Regional and multi-national companies can now seamlessly extend zero trust segmentation to ride on top of nearly any APJ cellular network—without modifying the underlying network. This alternative offers greater security over any other option on the market for a fraction of the cost of inadequate VPNs and next-gen firewalls. The HIPswitch cellular expansion module is now available for the HIPswitch 150 appliance, which includes the Sierra Wireless MC7430 modem for operation in Hong Kong, Macau, and Japan.


DHCP Relay

HIPswitches can relay DHCP requests to a central DHCP server, extending DHCP securely where it normally cannot go, without having to make any changes to the underlying network. This allows additional zero trust deployment flexibility where extended DHCP options are needed, or when an existing DHCP server integrates with other systems such as Active Directory and DNS. This allows a remote system to securely participate as a member of an enterprise DHCP system as if it were on the enterprise LAN.



New IDN software enhancements are available today. IDN firmware release 2.1.6 is required to use the HIPswitch 150 cellular expansion module for the Sierra Wireless MC7430 modem.


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