Program enables solution providers to offer new cyber security platform with unique cloaking capability as part of a defense-in-depth portfolio

SEATTLE, SEPTEMBER 29, 2015 Tempered Networks, Inc., provider of secure connectivity for business critical infrastructure and information, today announced the launch of its Cyber Guardian™ Partner program. The program, along with its new Cyber Guardian portal, enables Tempered Networks partners to complement their current perimeter security business with a new and profitable revenue stream by helping customers deploy a multi-layered security strategy.

Protecting critical infrastructure today requires a defense-in-depth strategy. By joining the Tempered Networks partner program, network security and industrial automation providers can offer their customers a completely new approach that “cloaks” critical devices, hiding high value assets, devices, and non-traditional endpoints from bad actors and keeping them inaccessible to all but trusted endpoints and systems.


  • More and more devices connecting to corporate networks expands an organization’s attack surface. Safeguarding both high value systems as well as vulnerable non-traditional endpoints such as IP-cameras, sensors, HVACs, medical devices, etc., is vital as they become entry points into networks.
  • Historically, most operational technology and other departmental systems have been physically separated from the corporate IT infrastructure and have not had to contend with cyber security concerns. Managing and operating cyber security solutions can be too complex for non-technical IT staff to use.
  • Tempered Networks’ Cyber Guardian Partner Program is the first channel program purpose-built to help solution providers deliver integrated protection for IT systems and operational/departmental systems that are now being connected to corporate IT networks.

“Customers who have been forced to make breach-driven decisions need trusted advisors who are capable of offering a defense-in-depth approach for cyber security,” said Lee Finck, VP of Strategic Partnerships and Channel Sales at Tempered Networks. “Tempered Networks and our Cyber Guardian program help our partners address an exploding number of threats for which perimeter security alone is clearly not enough. It enables them to expand their security business with a new layer of defense for clients.”

New era of computing requires a new breed of partners

The next generation of computing is driving the proliferation and connectivity of all kinds of devices and systems that were never intended to be networked. It also brings new sets of security challenges. As these devices converge onto business IT networks, the network attack surface significantly expands. On top of that, there is a shortage of cyber security talent that can support this complex environment. The Tempered Networks’ solution and CyberGuardian program arms partners to be trusted advisors; helping their clients meet IT and OT imperatives. A partner who can help clients achieve IT/OT alignment and integration can gain a competitive business advantage. Tempered Networks CyberGuardian Partner program is designed with this strategy in mind, with solutions supported by reference architectures and training to help meet IT and OT imperatives.

Supporting Quotes

“My security business is solid and growing, but my customers can no longer protect themselves with perimeter security alone,” said Bret Osborn, Chief Sales Officer, Sysorex (formerly Lilien Systems). “As we advise our clients, a Defense-in-Depth approach is the best strategy to keep them ahead of the changing threat landscape. Tempered Networks solution fits well with our strategy and is a strong addition to our current solution portfolio.”

“Tempered Networks is the first company to make the process of protecting critical infrastructure easy enough to manage without adding burden to already stretched IT resources,” said Joe Farren, President, Process Control Dynamics. “With this approach, I can take the lead in showing my customers’ IT and OT teams how they can both meet their goals with one highly effective solution.”

“Tempered Networks provides a non-invasive approach with trusted overlay networks that doesn’t impact the extensive work we’ve already done with clients,” said James Gillespie, CEO, Gray Matter Systems.  “We can add layers of defense without ripping, replacing or re-coding, which is important for customers who continue to operate legacy systems and devices. For clients who have new networking needs, Tempered Networks offers the gold standard for security, with an air gap-like networking solution that also provides the flexible connectivity customers need between trusted endpoints, systems and personnel.”

“My clients’ networks need to be segmented, in many cases down to the device level,” said John McCann, President, Satisnet UK.  “As so many devices join the corporate network we need the ability to “micro segment” and cloak these devices.”

Program Details

The Tempered Networks Cyber Guardian Program and its new portal provide opportunity registration with preferred pricing for partners. Remote learning modules are available to speed partners’ time-to-market and sales readiness. Channel organizations can apply to become a member of the Cyber Guardian Program at

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About Tempered Networks

Tempered Networks is the pioneer of Identity-Defined Networking (IDN), unifying networking and security with a simplified approach that removes the constraints of IP networking. Our elastic and fully encrypted IDN fabric protects every connected resource with a unique crypto identity, instead of a spoofable IP address, enabling you to cloak any IP or serial-enabled endpoint, machine or network--with no IP modifications. For the first time, any network and connected resource can be orchestrated, cloaked, and encrypted from the start. Device-based trust is flexible and portable and extends from any external and public cloud network to internal network hosts and clients. Any IP resource can now be instantly provisioned, moved, or revoked, making your network as adaptable as software, more secure, and simpler to manage. For more information go to

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