Tempered Networks new product suite provides security and connectivity for industrial control systems, reduces overall TCO, and bridges Operations and IT imperatives

SEATTLE, NOVEMBER 3, 2014 Tempered Networks, Inc. today announced its comprehensive, purpose-built product line that provides secure and resilient connectivity for critical infrastructure. The transparent drop-in solution enables any organization to securely leverage trusted and untrusted networks, including wired, WiFi and cellular, and quickly scale their environments as needed. Operational and departmental teams without IT expertise can deploy these physical and virtual appliances, while allowing IT to delegate control of private overlay networks–with centralized governance and oversight. Customers can reduce their TCO, while increasing the operational integrity and availability of critical infrastructure. Tempered Networks’ solution provides unparalleled protection and flexibility for industrial control systems (ICS) equipment and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), shielding them from targeted attacks and unintended vulnerabilities.


Tempered Networks’ solution creates virtualized, private overlay networks that leverage existing infrastructure and are simple to deploy, manage and modify. The product offering includes three key components for implementation, including a scalable orchestration engine (HIPswitch Conductor™), a series of physical and virtual security appliances (HIPswitch™), and an intuitive management console (SimpleConnect™). The HIPswitch product line includes industrial and data-center grade form factors, with varying throughput and connectivity options. 

Secure and Resilient Machine-to-Machine Connectivity

  • Transparent drop-in solution – leverages existing infrastructure to create secure, virtualized private overlay networks with no footprint on the shared network. Easily add secure connectivity to remote locations, even where connectivity does not currently exist
  • Simple to install and maintain – unlike traditional security solutions, the Tempered Networks private overlay network can be quickly deployed and is easy to maintain and scale, reducing OpEx
  • Single-pane-of-glass management – intuitive user interface enables management and documentation of all devices
  • Reduces attack surface – segments ICS networks to constrain connectivity to the absolute minimum
  • Highly scalable and secure – quickly add an unlimited number of devices and secure connectivity to existing network infrastructure, including trusted and untrusted networks using wired, WiFi and cellular
  • Built on best-practice security standards – engineered specifically for industrial control systems and critical infrastructure, conforming to Trusted Computing Group (TCG), the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and the International Society of Automation (ISA) standards


New ‘Transparent Mode’ Feature

The Tempered Networks solution offers a new ‘Transparent Mode’ feature that allows IT or Operations groups to incrementally deploy the solution with minimal impact to existing operations. Transparent Mode enables the user to deploy HIPswitches without disrupting network traffic, then enable Protected Mode once confident in the network configuration. If a configuration error is encountered, the user can quickly toggle from Protected Mode to Transparent Mode, and back to Protected Mode once the issue has been resolved.


“As a leading process automation supplier, we embrace innovation and continuously strive to maximize the use of plant assets and optimize operations,” said Todd Stanier, Support Manager at Yokogawa Corporation of America. “Tempered Networks is well aligned with our strategy: solving customers’ security and connectivity needs efficiently and cost-effectively. Their transparent, drop-in solution provides secure, remote access to our hardware on customers’ networks without the need for heavy IT involvement. No footprint is created on an existing network so it doesn’t disrupt the customers’ infrastructure.”

“Increasingly, many organizations who have had private networks are now directly connected to the Internet, but establishing communications for remote SCADA, monitoring, and alarming, as well as remote access for employees, contractors, and vendors can be complex and expensive,” said Chris Christiansen, Program VP, Security Products and Services group at IDC. “Ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of these communications is a huge challenge. Organizations should look beyond traditional security solutions that tend to be more complex to deploy and manage, requiring specialized IT skills and increasing risk of human error.”

“Critical infrastructure requires specific security solutions that differ from traditional IT devices, like servers, laptops or mobile devices,” said David Mattes, Co-founder and CTO at Tempered Networks. “Unlike these traditional devices, industrial devices usually do not have the compute power to protect themselves, and they often reside in remote locations that lack secure connectivity, which amplifies their vulnerability. Our products are purpose built with this in mind and designed to help ICS network operators—who often must be self-reliant from IT—maintain operational integrity and availability.”



Tempered Networks’ products, including the new ‘Transparent Mode’ capability, are available today. The Tempered Networks Starter Kit is available at the discounted price of USD $9,995, for a limited time through the end of calendar year 2014. For more information contact sales@temperednetworks.com or visit www.temperednetworks.com.


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About Tempered Networks

Tempered Networks is the pioneer of Identity-Defined Networking (IDN), unifying networking and security with a simplified approach that removes the constraints of IP networking. Our elastic and fully encrypted IDN fabric protects every connected resource with a unique crypto identity, instead of a spoofable IP address, enabling you to cloak any IP or serial-enabled endpoint, machine or network--with no IP modifications. For the first time, any network and connected resource can be orchestrated, cloaked, and encrypted from the start. Device-based trust is flexible and portable and extends from any external and public cloud network to internal network hosts and clients. Any IP resource can now be instantly provisioned, moved, or revoked, making your network as adaptable as software, more secure, and simpler to manage. For more information go to www.temperednetworks.com.

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