Fixes complex, costly, and porous IP perimeters to connect previously non-routable systems for secure end-to-end borderless networking

SEATTLE – May 17, 2017Tempered Networks, Inc. today announced a powerful new addition to its Identity-Defined Networking (IDN) platform, the HIPrelay. An identity-based router and industry breakthrough, the HIPrelay enables organizations to securely connect private and previously non-routable IP resources across any public, private, cellular or cloud network based on provable cryptographic identities. Utilizing the open Host Identity Protocol (HIP), an IETF-ratified standard, any connected thing, whether it’s client, server, virtual machine, cloud instance, or IoT communications can be encrypted and securely routed to another, overcoming impassable network provisioning barriers while hardening porous borders. For the first time, organizations can instantly connect any IP resource to another, located anywhere, with superior isolation, containment, and control.

Designed as a seamless and non-disruptive network overlay to existing infrastructure, Tempered Networks’ standards-based architecture supports all legacy and modern resources regardless of environment. This allows organizations to reduce errors, minimize address-based rule sets, and reduce complex point solutions. The IDN’s cloaked and unbreakable segments eliminate up to 90% of attack vectors, while reducing provisioning and mitigation time by 97%, and IT costs by as much as 25%. Network and security teams can now become more agile while significantly reducing business risk.

“Our vision of Internet 3.0 is to make end-to-end privacy, security, and mobility based on provable machine identity simple, reliable, and ubiquitous,” said Jeff Hussey, Co-Founder and CEO at Tempered Networks. “Tempered Networks has solved the secured resource provisioning log jam, and overcome the complexity and inherently weak security of today’s IP networks. Our IDN architecture preserves existing IT investments, while instantly collapsing secured provisioning and mitigation costs, with a level of ease and hardened security that was previously unachievable. The economics and technology differentiation are extremely compelling.”

Enabling Cryptographic Micro-Perimeters
Within the IDN fabric, the security and networking perimeter can easily be moved from the network edge to the host, creating hardened yet flexible secure micro-perimeters without modifying existing infrastructure. Only authenticated and authorized hosts can communicate within an overlay providing a level of isolation and containment previously unattainable. This new networking paradigm not only hardens the interior, but also greatly simplifies and improves security at the network edge by reducing an over-reliance on complex and imprecise inbound firewall rules that allow threats like hacker reconnaissance to continue.

Global IP Mobility and Elasticity without Borders
IP conflicts and complex routing rules have made cost-effective and secure end-to-end mobile networking impossible to achieve--until now. The HIPrelay, in conjunction with Tempered Networks’ HIP Service enabled endpoints, easily networks and encrypts communications between distributed, non-routable hosts or systems spanning separate networks from any location. Even if a host’s IP address changes, your IDN policies don’t because the cryptographic identity is bound to the host whether static or dynamic. Global IP mobility becomes simple with no constraints; providing instant adaptability and choice of which cellular, ISP, and / or cloud providers to use.  

100% Network, System, and Environment Agnostic
Unlike SDN and SD-WAN solutions, the HIPrelay with HIP Services enables the bridging and seamless integration of Layer 2 and 3 networks without requiring modification to an existing network’s switching and routing infrastructure across the LAN and WAN. Utilizing provable host identities, the HIPrelay does not use Layer 3 or 4 rule sets or traditional routing protocols; instead encrypted communications are routed and connected based on provable cryptographic identities traversing existing infrastructure as any encrypted traffic would.

Flexibility on Your Terms -- Horizontal Scale, Availability, and Compliance Across any Region
The HIPrelay can be deployed in clusters and distributed across the Internet whether on-premises or in the public cloud. Organizations have the ability to create an identity-based horizontal scaling and availability architecture in addition to having the flexibility to ensure the best performance and traffic isolation by region. It’s now simple to segment LAN and WAN traffic based on provable host identities within or across regions for either geographical performance, security, or compliance purposes. This puts customers in complete control of how they internetwork systems anywhere in relation to user, performance, and business requirements.

VPC to VPC, Regional, and Multi-Cloud Peering Made Simple
DevOps can eliminate cloud networking complexity and peering limitations within and between cloud providers as well as remote resources. With the HIPrelay and cloud-based HIP Services, IPv6 and IPv4 conflicts, restrictions on the number of peering connections, peering relationships, and regional peering restrictions are eliminated. Instead of 150+ complex configuration steps just to peer between AWS’ and Azure’s network edge, a HIP-enabled peering architecture can be done in 5 simple steps and goes further by creating direct instance-to-instance peering that can span AWS and Azure. Secure code updates, micro-service connectivity, macro- and micro failover, as well as workload migration are now possible, extremely simple, and efficient. In addition, DevOps no longer has to use insecure SSH and shared keys or maintain complex VPNs for secure remote access that can break depending upon location. Instead, DevOps can now have secured direct access to any VPC instance based on provable identity from any location or network in the world.

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The new release of Tempered Networks’ IDN platform will be available in the second quarter of 2017. Please contact your preferred reseller for more information or


“Too much network operations time is spent engineering around limitations in primitive protocols and the products that can no longer effectively support the business and IT demands being made,” said Mike Fratto, Research Director, GlobalData. “Tempered Networks identity-defined networking relegates those challenges to the background enabling a seamless, secure and robust network on the LAN, across the WAN, in the cloud, and includes smart phones, tablets, and laptops allowing IT to create the network it needs.”

“Critical Start’s mission is to constantly improve the security capabilities of our customers using our Defendable Network framework,” said Randy Watkins, Director of Security Architecture at Critical Start, a security company focused on helping organizations holistically manage risk. “We see tremendous value in Tempered Networks’ identity-based architecture and their new HIPrelay product. Network segmentation is often an unreachable goal for organizations that grew with a flat network, and securely routing hosts across separate networks has always posed huge hurdles.  Leveraging Tempered Networks’ simple policy-based orchestration, we can propose solutions to segment the existing network without requiring major architectural redesigns.”

“Tempered Networks’ platform is designed to help enterprises transition from address-defined networking to identity-defined networking, in which communications can only be established between trusted, cryptographic identities,” said Brad Casemore, Research Director for Datacenter Networking at IDC. “Tempered’s identity-defined networking includes the HIPrelay, which can allow organizations to address potentially costly and complex networking challenges such as NAT/PAT, Layer 3 VPNs, firewalls, VLANs, and routing rules, as well as to securely circumvent impassable borders such as Carrier Grade NAT (CGNAT).”

About Tempered Networks

Tempered Networks is the pioneer of Identity-Defined Networking (IDN), driving a new identity paradigm that basis trust on the host identity itself, not a spoofable IP address. Our IDN architecture unifies networking and security to overcome today‘s complex and inherently vulnerable networks. We provide the industry‘s most extensible networking overlay fabric, with automated policy-based orchestration, making it simple to instantly connect or disconnect any IP resource with another, located anywhere in the world—on-premises, virtual or cloud. With IDN, your existing infrastructure investment is preserved, while point product expenses are significantly reduced. For more information, visit

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