Your Medical Records Going to the Highest Bidder

You probably remember the headlines from around this time four years ago, when a data breach at Target resulted in the capture of thousands of payment cards and personal data (and in Target paying nearly $70 million to financial institutions to cover their losses and the cost of reissuing all those cards). Or perhaps you more easily remember the recent data breaches at major health insurers that resulted in the compromise of nearly 80 million medical records across the country.

Even Fish Tanks Aren't Safe From Hackers

Cybersecurity Journalist at HackRead, Waqas Amir said it best, “The Internet of Things (IoT) has transformed the way we use everyday objects such as appliances, thermometers, and even lighting”. IoT is increasing in popularity as it is implemented in more businesses and households every day. Unfortunately, the easier IoT devices make our day-to-day lives, the easier it gets for hackers to perform a potentially devastating breach.

Another Preventable Hack

From Public Safety to Parks and Recreation, city governments have a lot to manage with minimal resources. Unfortunately for the already-busy officials, cyber security needs to be a top priority as well, a fact made evident by the recent 9 day attack on Atlanta, Georgia.

People in all walks of life rely on digital recordkeeping, and the government is no exception. Cutting off this flow of information is like severing a main artery. Catastrophic!  A lot is at stake.