Another Preventable Hack

From Public Safety to Parks and Recreation, city governments have a lot to manage with minimal resources. Unfortunately for the already-busy officials, cyber security needs to be a top priority as well, a fact made evident by the recent 9 day attack on Atlanta, Georgia.

People in all walks of life rely on digital recordkeeping, and the government is no exception. Cutting off this flow of information is like severing a main artery. Catastrophic!  A lot is at stake.

Healthcare Networking in a Hyper-Connected World

The infusion of technology into medicine has been truly transformative and has greatly improved how we approach healthcare. We can send and receive patient data anywhere in the world, instantly. Doctors can analyze vitals of patients in the hospital while at home or from their office. A clinician can instantly see if a machine has administered the correct dosage of a drug at the correct time—and address the problem if it didn’t.