Tempered Networks Partners with NTT Advanced Technology Corporation

SEATTLE, FEBRUARY 7, 2018Tempered Networks, Inc., the pioneer of Identity-Defined Networking (IDN), today announced that NTT Advanced Technology Corporation (NTT-AT) has agreed to resell Tempered Networks’ Identity-Defined Networking (IDN) solution through Terilogy Corporation, Tempered Networks’ exclusive distribution partner in Japan.

Identity-Defined Networking (IDN) - Taking Network Security to the Next Level

If you’re in IT or stationed in a NOC you know there’s a fundamental conflict between providing access to networks and securing sensitive data and systems. And when the network is based on Internet protocols designed to allow any computing device to communicate with any other, it creates an environment ripe for hacking, deception, and data breaches – further complicating you’re already challenging responsibilities.

Uncovering Networking Pain Points - What Do IT Execs Think?

We know what we think, but what do other IT professionals think when it comes to networking pain points? We recently worked with IDG Research and conducted a five-question survey in an effort to better understand the primary pain points surrounding the integration of traditional enterprise networks with cloud implementations. So who did we ask? Respondents were required to work in an IT-related function at the Director level or above for an organization with 500+ employees.

Get your life back from the network cartel

I’ve been in enterprise networking and security for nearly 30 years. In that time I can truly say that I’ve seen it all. After spending pretty much all of my calories in the world of IT, you can imagine that I have a long list of ‘lessons learned’. Lucky for you I won’t go through them now. Instead, my unsolicited advice to you when it comes to networking is: Don’t compromise. Simplicity and security ought to be attached at the hip and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice one for the other.

Don’t Let Micro-segmentation Spook You

In the tech industry, many of the words and terms that get thrown around might not seem the most accessible or simple to define, and some of them might even seem downright intimidating. These complex-sounding terms can scare people away from even asking questions.

But fear not. In an ever-evolving field like secure networking, some of the terms that are commonly used become a lot less scary with a little bit of explanation. Let’s unpack one of these spookier terms: Micro-segmentation.

BYON Gets Put to the Test on My Home Network – Blog 2 of 2

A few years ago, an unfortunate incident resulted in my house burning to the ground, so I had to rebuild it. Let’s call it House v2.0.

Like most newer software versions, House v2.0 had some upgrades, like the home automation system. I decided to install a Mac-based system developed by a company called Savant. It used their proprietary controller to interface with the various components of Home 2.0 including thermostats, security system, and A/V components with a Mac Mini running the control software. Conveniently, the whole thing is controlled by an iOS app.