A Simple, Secure and Scalable Solution for IT/OT Convergence

With over 25 years of working in industrial automation and controls in the manufacturing and utility industries, I’ve seen a variety of industry trends, problems, and associated solutions come and go. Most recently, I’ve noticed an increasing urgency in the need to protect critical assets from invasive cyberattacks, especially within the last five years. Simultaneously,  with the influx of solutions in the IIoT  market the requirement is  growing for a number of critical end-points to be connected faster than ever.

Killing the Cyber Kill Chain

Over the course of my career I have become familiar with many of the different ways that hackers and other bad actors can penetrate an IP network. With the growing sophistication of these cyber criminals, I hear more and more customers talk about the need to implement a  Cyber Kill Chain (CKC) strategy for when their network gets compromised. Though there is some controversy about the specifics of the CKC model, there is little argument that we need an effective way to quickly analyze and address cyber-attacks when they occur.

Beating the “500 – Three – Zero” Challenge at a Fraction of the Cost

I love customers who are delighted with our solution, and we’re getting more and more of them all the time. For example:

One of our customers is a large public university system that had the challenge of securely connecting BACnet systems in over 500 buildings across the state. Adding to the difficulty, they had an extremely tight 3-month timeline, could add zero headcount and had only a limited budget to work with.

Network Convergence: Aligning IT and OT Has Never Been Easier

A potential customer recently told me a frightening story. The IT department spent weeks planning, and configuring the IP network for new high-speed printers in the finance department. When they went to install the printers, all they received was a networking error. Simultaneously, across campus, the network connected elevators in another building went haywire. All because of an IP conflict between the printers and the elevators. Imagine if the elevators were in a hospital and full of patients. The scenario is scary, and all too real in the age of converged networks.

A Story Inspired by Frustration

How my company’s HIPrelay platform got me addicted to my Synology and less reliant on cloud storage

Overlay Policy enabling all clients to connect to Synology

Sitting in the beautiful Fairmont Hotel in Makati, Philippines, I found myself reflecting on what at first seemed like an odd topic for a blog: the joy and frustration of cloud storage.