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Only three software components are needed to quickly build your own IDN across any network, without modifications to the underlay.

HIP Services

A HIP Service runs on or adjacent to any host and acts as the network policy and security enforcement point.


The HIPrelay is an Identity Based Router which authorizes and connects HIP to HIP or peer-to-peer encrypted connectivity between private or non-routable endpoints.

The Conductor

The Conductor is our orchestration engine, which creates and manages distributed policy to all HIP Service and HIPrelay endpoints.




Our software has been designed to run nearly anywhere on almost any type of device, virtual machine, or cloud. Based on the open Host Identity Protocol (HIP), the power of IDN is the simplicity of orchestration and enforcement at scale.


The Conductor
It’s now simple, fast, and extremely predictable to create and distribute unified network policy and security enforcement. In minutes you can create an entirely new cloaked and encrypted overlay network that overcomes traditional networking barriers like CGNAT. Instantly add, disable, and revoke a device with 1-click provisioning and remediation.
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Note: No traffic flows through the Conductor so you may take it offline with no impact to network overlays.


The HIPrelay and HIPrelay groups securely connects privately addressed devices across separate networks without constraint. In less than 5 minutes, devices networked by our HIP Services can establish encrypted WAN micro-segments that are highly resilient, mobile, and can’t be violated.
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The revolutionary software that enables the Conductor to securely connect cryptographically identified endpoints such as laptops, PCs, tablets, and smartphones—all that’s needed is a simple, light-weight app on the device.
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Easily connect, move, peer, segment, and encrypt physical, virtual, and cloud workload communication without being tied down by your underlay network. Overcome traditional IP and DNS schema, networking, and security constraints while locking down discovery and access control to your servers from anywhere.
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Acting as an IDN gateway, you can easily connect and protect devices that can’t network or protect themselves. All proxied devices are invisible to any unauthorized device, encryption is automatic, systems can’t be spoofed, and exploit command and control prevented eliminating 90% of network attack vectors. Network mobility and failover become much simpler as well by eliminating IP and DNS namespace constraints.
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Our light-weight, revolutionary software is available for deployment on a number of custom applications and hardware, such as IP cameras, pumps, and remote sensors. Use our IDN software, together with your hardware, for simplified networking and secure connectivity.
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Hardware, Virtual, and Cloud Platforms


HIPswitch 100 Series
The 100 hardware is meant to be deployed in front of devices that can’t connect or protect themselves. The 100’s palm-size footprint is ideal for Point of Sale systems, ATMs, ICS, SCADA, and other industrial IoT environments like BACnet where location, network capacity and throughput rate are relatively small. With Ethernet, Serial over IP, and cellular modem support, the 100 is perfect for networking both legacy and modern devices over any type of network.
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HIPswitch 250 Series
The 250’s port density, fast Ethernet, Serial over IP, single or dual cellular modem configuration as well as Power over Ethernet (PoE out) eliminates the cost and complexity of having separate Ethernet switches, VPNs, Firewalls, cellular modems/routers, and APNs. It's ideal for mission-critical Industrial IoT, field-deployed devices, Point of Sale systems, and any other endpoints that need highly available and resilient networks.
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HIPswitch 400
For maximum scalability look no further than the HIPswitch 400. Ideal for data centers and campus networks, the HIPswitch 400’s port density and flexible throughput licensing (1 Gpbs – 5 Gbps) can increase or decrease depending upon your business and technical requirements. And like the 250, bursting is enabled at no additional charge.
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HIPswitch and HIPrelay Virtual and Cloud Series
The HIPswitch Virtual acts as an overlay gateway that secures devices so they can be instantly networked with other HIPservice endpoints. By removing the limitations of IP based networking, IDN makes it easy to spin up and tear down public or private cloud networks instantly. You can now deploy separate segmented and automated environments for development, test, staging, and production, with secure access from anywhere in the world.
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